Role of Customer Support Executive in an IT Company

Posted on 10 April, 2017

Setu, an initiative by Emipro in collaboration of Atmiya institute of Technology, Rajkot which is proving itself to be one of the best IT event in the state had witnessed a great success this year too. Last year when it was first introduced I was a part of back-end team and this year I got a chance to deliver a speech. It was like Yessss!!! A moment for me when I was selected as a speaker but was having butterflies in my stomach too! More than 80 students at a time and that too the college students! I know the fun college students take while attending lectures from an unknown person. With a good support and guidance from my management team and with lots of preparation, I was all set to rock the floor with my forte topic about the roles of customer executive in an IT industry. Eventually, I did well and had a good response from an audience. Below is a sneak peek to my presentation of SETU 2017;

A customer executive is the one in the company who works as a “Setu”- a bridge between the client and the developer. They are the first to get in touch with the clients and plays very important role in making sure that the parent company is delivering highest to their client. If one is having a good hold at their communication then it can be the best option to have a good start of your career. You can learn maximum and can prove your efforts by satisfying the customer to the fullest. The other competencies required to be good customer executives are patience, clear in thoughts, leadership, alertness and so on.

Once you are a Customer executive there are several extremely important roles which work as a backbone for your most successful career, few are listed below:

  • Most essential is to enhance the image of the company and develop a strong rapport with the customer.

  • Good hold on common languages like Hindi, English and the mother tongue(Gujarati).

  • A basic telephone etiquettes like no multitasking, proper voice modulation etc.

  • Ready to encounter different and awkward customers too.

  • Remaining updated about each technology developed by the company.

While to be a good customer executive you need few competencies, if you become a developer, you have few responsibilities too towards customer executive as (s)he is the spokesperson for your company and the product you have developed.

#Below three are the prerequisites which being a developer you must furnish accurately to the customer executive for the best result;

1. Documentation:

Once a software module or any solution is set to be float in the market, being a developer one should prepare an in-depth and detailed documentation of the same. This should work as a complete guide to the customer executive so that (s)he can take help of this manual when any queries occur from the customers’ end. This document must be drafted very precisely and accurately so that with the involvement of developer customer executive can solve the matter which indeed will increase the productivity of a developer and a good image in front of customers.

2. Constant Interaction:

There must be two-way communication between a developer and a customer executive. The developer must communicate every minute details and updates about any project of the company and on the other being a customer executive one should discuss the queries that customer faces as a developer can do the necessary changes in his/her new development. Constant interaction is vital to enhance the quality of the services one is providing to their customer.

3. Smart Email Communication and Ticketing System:

There should be a system which directly makes it available all the data of the customer from start to end to the customer executive by just entering a ticket number.

#Managing a real support to the customer while dealing with big projects:

The real challenge arises when you are a customer support executive for the big projects. All the above points become the preliminary things and to that below are add-ons you must follow while encountering such big projects:

1. Be a Good Listener to know your customer better :

As stated earlier, one of the most essential thing is communication wherein listening becomes limb of it. Listening very opening and accurately is extremely needed so that you can resolve the matter appropriately. If you are in a hurry or you do not pay proper attention then it may happen that you do not hear the main problem and as a result you just beat around the bush but cannot provide the exact solution. Even if you do not have a ready solution with you then you can convey the query to the developer accurately only if you have listened the problem properly. For example if your customer have asked you for the Sales Return Module in ERP and he address it as SR, it may happen that because you have not listened properly you give details about HR module. Thus your ears should be wide open and you should confirm the things twice to avoid the blunder.

2. Never give false promises:

Understanding the requirement of the customer and giving the apt solution is the focus of any customer support executive. Eventually the foremost objective of customer executive is to satisfy the customer but in this aspect sometimes we do not realise that we are committing the things which are actually next to impossible. Like someday if one of the client asks you to develop an eCommerce website for him along with the backend data management in a week then because he is our veteran client or say will be a loyal client in future do not take the challenge of completing this massive task in such a short period. Instead you can definitely try to convince him after a proper interaction and research with the developer about the exact minimum time required to fulfill his project. This will make your relation stronger as you showed your honesty.

3. Do not alter your ethics :

Being at the position of Customer executive you may encounter the situation wherein you get a higher pay or say a commision to do an unethical works like leaking the codes or bing work done from outside and giving name of your company. Beware! This can cause you more than you can think. It can make you lose the dignity and even can spoil the image of your company. In case your company do not deal in SEO but if your client ask it and for a small amount of commission if you pass it on to any of your references outside the office and if it is not up to the mark then the company will lose its customer and the image. 

4. Always keep patience and have helping mind :

You may have to confront the customers who do not understands the things easily may be they are technical person. In fact there may be loophole in the internal members of the customers’ company but you have to be patient and must be ready to face these kind of customers too. You do not have the option to avoid such customer instead it should be faced articulately by you. Also you are a support in the time of query and remember query do not see time to arise. So you should always have an attitude to help be it lunchtime or your working hours is over.

5. Do not go for unnecessary customization :

It is in your hand how tactfully you handle the customer so that the module you are selling do not have an unnecessary customisation. There are times when the customisation is actually not needed but to make it the unique software customer may ask for few addons. Be smart to avoid such changes which may consume the unnecessary time of the developer. But do understand the requirement like if one of the customer have a 2nd, 4th and 5th Saturday as half day then he might require his HR module in ERP accordingly. This kind of changes are must and have to be entertained.

6. Do Follow up regularly :

Amongst all duties and responsibilities, Following up with the customers is the most important duty of a support customer executive. It may happen that there is no query or requirement from the customer once we have installed our software to their system but it does not mean that we should move him to the list of prestigious client once upon a time. We should be in constant touch with our all the customers and should have a courteous call at periodical intervals.

Following the above points will surely help become a good customer support executive and if you are a developer then you will surely realise the importance of your support customer executive.

Eagerly waiting for Setu 2018 and surfing for the exciting topic to be delivered to the audience then! Thank you for reading my blog.

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