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Posted on 1 May, 2017

Google! The world in a word itself. In today’s era we can somehow manage without food for a day or two but without Google, it’s like a body without blood! Well somebody has rightly given a suffix to it as “Google Devta”- Google, The god. We all use Google but very few of us use it effectively. Well, that is the reason I chose a topic “Make your work easy with Google Apps &  Services” for my SETU speech. Afterall, that is what is the core purpose of an initiative named SETU by Emipro wherein students can make their way towards success a smooth cakewalk. Using few of the google apps and services which are not so popular can really change your life with its benefits. I have covered just a few drops of the endless ocean called Google. 

The first google app which is very useful and has a number of benefits are “Gmailify”. Is it ok to have one email id? The answer for this is No. We should have different ids which we can use for different purposes like for personal, professional or for shopping online. We usually have a tendency to have our email accounts with different providers like with Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff etc. So the problem we face is we have to log into all these different accounts to check the emails. But if you Gmailify yourself then you can get access to all of your different accounts in your Gmail account which makes it simple and less time consuming to manage all the accounts. To Gmailify yourself, follow below steps:

Now, you will be able to check your ​emails from other email accounts and will no longer need to toggle between the tabs of all the accounts to check the mail as everything is in one place.

The second Google App which is less known but extremely helpful is Google Keep. Well, it’s kind conventional sticky notes which help us reminding various things and helps us store various things. It is just like the reminder notes and the moments our mom stick on the fridge. Anytime and anywhere you see something you want to save for later you can just save it for a lifetime with this app. Some unique features like a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, location-based reminder and audio makes it different from other apps. Not only this, it enables you to share your notes with others in your connection. It is a worth app to filter your To-Do list with its tools like filtering and colourful backgrounds.

Now next time keep ready your requirements of notes from a friend with Google Keep!

The third and thrilling app which will make you the most In-Trend person is Google trends. This app makes it possible to compare the things with a graphical representation of the latest trends going on in the searching pattern from different region throughout the world. This statistics helps a lot to know the current taste of the field like if being a computer student you are deciding what career to choose after MCA/BE then you can just know which language or domain is in demand and land to an appropriate decision.( And if you are confused about what to wear in friend’s wedding, then too Google trend will help you better than your designers like what is in trend, sherwani or a blazer;)!)

Google Trend gives an extra-ordinary feature like region wise and topic wise statistical data.

The fourth and fantastic app is Google Webmaster also known as Google Search Console now. Google search console is a free service from google which helps you get your site indexed on google and helps you know how people are interacting with your website on search results. You can submit your sitemap to the search console to help google discover all your pages. It also gives you information like what search terms people are using before they visit your website, how many people visit your site and how many times your site showed up in the search. To make your website register on this is very easy, steps through images are as shown below:

Once you are done with, you will be able to take advantages like:

  • Analyse clicks from Google Search.

  • Get alerts for critical errors or issues.

  • Test whether Google can successfully understand your content.

Topping to my whole conversation was the POWER SEARCHING, the art to get the best result of your Google Search. There are several keys by which you can find a most accurate result for your search, few of the are as below;

These are basic things which most of us are aware of:

  • Panels on the right-hand side

  • Autocomplete

  • Search-as-you-type

  • Related searches

Now few which are lesser known:

1. Use multiple words It will be combined as ‘AND’

Like if you want to search for luxurious Car as well as Bike of the same company then you can use AND between both the word which will provide you results with the matter including both Car and Bike in the same website. If we do not write anything and just keep space between two words then Google consider it to be AND.

2. Use “search term”

If you want an exact phrase, you can keep it in between the inverted comma(“ ”) like say “Focus on the service, Rest will Follow”. It will provide the sites which contain this exact quote.

3. Use ‘OR’

In case either of the words are ok for you then you can use OR to link them which will provide you with the results having either of the things like say for example you are searching for the job vacancies and you are ok with either of the domain either ERP or eCommerce then you can search like vacancies for ERP OR eCommerce.

4. Use ‘-’

To eradicate some of the phrases or say a word from your search you can use this sign of minus like say you want to have result for printers but it should not contain the word Cartridge then you can right Printer- Cartridge.

5. Use ‘..’

This sign is used when you need your search to be in the specific range usually in currency matter. Say you have a budget for mobile rupees Rs. 10,000/- then you can search like Mobile rs. 8000 … 10000.

6. Allintitle: 

You can use this when you want your keyword to be found in the title itself. Like if you will search “allintitle: Emipro” you will get all the results wherein Emipro is there in the title of the website itself.

7. Allintext:

It will include all the content wherein your keyword is present.

8. Allinurl:

It restricts the search to page URLs like say for example if you search for allinurl: ERP then every site having ERP in its URL will be considered and will be shown to you. 

9. Site:

It helps to narrow your search results with specific domain search like (, etc) or even can give you country-specific sites like ( brazil,

10. Filetype: 

It restricts your search to specific filetype like .ppt, .doc, .pdf etc.

Advanced Searching

If in case you don’t want to remember the above power searching tools there is one more easy way to search and that too in an advanced way. You can just go to : and insert the required things as needed and here you go, your search will have a power packed results.

Hope you had as good time while reading it as I had while writing it!

Ajay Ghimre , Odoo Engineer


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