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Posted on 5 June, 2017

Team, a constitution or a group of people who aims at the same goal and works together to achieve the same. Be it an IT world, commercial market, day-to-day commodities etc, the team exists which carries out different activities as per their skills to reach a common goal.   Now the question is when everybody is working in the same direction then why the only person could not be enough?! Let us see the scenario of IT industries about how an individual get the work done and how a team can fulfil it:

# Scenario for an Individual

# Scenario for a Team

So by the above pictorial comparison, I’m sure that you must have got an idea about how a team can be beneficial in achieving the goal more accurately and more efficiently in lesser time which allows us to encounter more projects.

Can you imagine a single person handling today’s largest and popular search Google? It would have never been in existence if there would be a one man idea. Page and Brin, a duo worked on the algorithm and gave birth to the first ever search engine theory.  When they were ready to turn their brainchild into a business, they brought in tech legend Schmidt to run the company, and Kordestani, known as the first guy at Google to wear a suit to handle sales.

# Why “Team” is needed?

To put it up simply, teamwork creates synergy – where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts.  Organisations are much more likely to perform well when their people work effectively as a team. Let’s see a story which Mr Steve Jobs have narrated from his childhood experience that will definitely clear our all doubts against a team, be it in small, medium or large organisation;

The incident Mr Jobs narrated was long back from his childhood days when one day an old man residing in his neighbourhood asked, “Hey boy, come to my garage I want to show you something.” When Jobs entered the garage, the old man took out a dusty and rusted crate and pulled out a small very dirty and old motor with a used empty coffee can having a small mechanical band between them. Later the old man took Jobs to his backyard where he asked Jobs to collect the ordinary, regular, old and ugly stones lying in the backyard. He then kept it in the Coffee can, added some quantum of water and a small amount of grit into it. The old man closed the can and switched on the motor. He asked little Jobs to come back tomorrow. Jobs while returning back to his house could hear the harsh noise of the stones in the can.

Jobs, on next day, went to the old man’s garage and was startled on seeing the beautiful polished stones on the table. These were the same ugly and ordinary stones which were collected by him yesterday. Thus the old man taught him that if we alone we are ordinary and a regular person but if we clubbed up with few people, though creating a noise, can bring out a polished and extraordinary result.

Hereby, with this story, we can acquire a lesson that Team is something that makes "Ordinary people achieve Extraordinary results."

For a project, performance is usually measured in terms of punctuality in deadlines,  cost effectiveness, accuracy in quality, with all the possible features and no bugs. Your deployment of a project is considered to be successful only if you have met all the expectation of your client. This is possible only when you have a dedicated team who works to develop and deploy the project day and night with the highest efficiency.

#Members, a good team must have;

Well, it is an unsaid and natural fact that Team made up with an accurate permutation and combination of talents is the key to a successful project accomplishment. So let us see who can make a perfect team:

  • A motivating Manager with a great vision and planning strategies.
  • A dedicated and experienced Developer having a good logical and reasoning skills
  • A skilled Programmer
  • An energetic Engineer
  • An acute Analyst
  • Question/Answer Specialist
  • An articulative Technical Writer

All of the above members need to have expertise in their field and need one thing in common is Desire to be the best. A team consisting of these experts will give an accurate output. Along with their individual competency, there is a set of skills required to be a good team member. You can visit “I Can't but WE surely can!”, a blog having ultimate techniques for becoming a true team player by my HR expert colleague Kosha Desai.

#Basic skills that strengthen up Teamwork :

Project Management :

When a team is handling the project, it becomes an essential part that each player have a basic knowledge and management skills so that they can contribute to the overall upliftment. Gone are those days of Gantt graphs and now the trend is of “cloud-based” project software management which most of the company nowadays follows. Thus each member should be aware of this new system and also should remain equipped with every new innovation that occurs in the market for better project management.

Problem-Solving :

In the process to provide the perfect result, there are several times wherein the problem arises and that is why every team member should take this skill very seriously and should work on it continuously. Along with technical errors, they may arise some human process error then it becomes inevitable for every member of the team to resolve it without affecting the output of the project.

Conflict Resolution :

When a group of individual think in one direction, there may occur a number of differentiation in thoughts which may lead to conflict in the team. Thus there is one very essential skill that every team member has to have is to balance the thought process and make the brainstorming a fruitful one instead of roots to conflict. Thoughts should be conveyed in the form of statements and not an argue. By making this skill inherent in each member team can make wonders for sure. 

Technical Documentation :

There is one task in the project which is highly important but generally gets neglected that is a technical, accurate and timely documentation. Thus even if a team do not have technical writer each member should be ready to maintain a technical documentation and should consider this task to be utmost important.

Risk Management :

Risk management isn’t just for project managers anymore. It’s actually a skill that needs to be distributed among the project’s team members. This is especially important with team members with cross-functional specialities where there’s no skilled oversight of the project tasks.

Customer Management :

While there are less enlightened organisations that still believe the project manager should be the first and only contact with clients. Too often your clients will do what they can to bypass project managers and speak to the team member who is doing the actual work. Each team member should have basic customer/client management skills to work directly with clients and answer any of their questions about their portion of the project.

Before signing off just a sneak peek to the difference that a small and huge team faces;

So now it's time to sign off, See you at SETU 2018!! 

Chirag Rajkotiya , Chief Technical Officer


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