Interview Etiquette: Make your big interview as simple as your conversation(Part-II)

Posted on 17 April, 2017

So here I come with the part-2 of Interview hacks which will make your Big interview day as simple as your routine conversation. To get the hacks for the Pre-interview visit: Interview Etiquette: Make your big interview as simple as your conversation(Part I).

Imagine it’s the day for your interview!!

Feeling Nervous?! Well, Don’t be! Sit back and relax because you are going to encounter below the hacks to make your interview day the perfect one!

Let us see The INTERVIEW DAY hacks:

To rock and roll your interview just remember 3 Ps;

1. Professionalism:

The first and foremost thing you have to check is your professionalism. It is your primary competency required to be an employee anywhere, thus prove yourself to be professional since your interview. Keys to do so are as below:

# Your Attire and Appearance shows your seriousness towards the job.

Your first impression is taken from your outfits, so dress professionally. We get only one chance to make our first impression and thus only once we can show ourselves as not a collegiate anymore and a true professional candidate. Avoid gaudy looking, extra casual, unironed, ill-fitted clothing. Over accessories, funky hairstyles, loud nail paints or nail arts, tattooed hands etc looks highly unprofessional and it impacts a lot in your interview. In fact, your footwears are counted when you are evaluated during your interview. High stilettos, flotters, slippers are not meant for the interviews. Try to have a closed footwear which makes a minimal sound while you walk.

We should dress to look smart. Our outfits should be such which suits the work and not the one which we have. Your look should be professional from your head to toe.

# Actions works louder than words.

Well, we all know this! Don’t we?! It is just that we have to be conscious about our actions i.e. our nonverbal gestures which contain a major piece of pie in your any of the evaluation be it not your interview then too. Thus you should be sure that your actions do not convey that you are unprofessional and not up to the scratch to fit in the organisation. If you are asked to wait then listening music in your headphone is highly unprofessional. Extensive phone talks and that too in loud voice or receiving the calls during your interview are negative attributes that add onto your rejection. Having a chewing gum or tobacco is like you are telling the company nonverbally to reject you!

You should be ready for a Firm Handshake, maintain your personal hygiene like having a fresh mouth, applying mild fragrant perfumes, well-manicured nails, finely shaved beard etc.

#Reaching Quite early is professional.

Even if we are not punctual in our life at all, we always have heard and we follow it to the highest possible to reach on time during your interview day. But we never thought about being on time. We should not be that late that we do not reach on the time interviewer has allocated for our interview keeping other works aside as well as we should not reach so early which can annoy the interviewer as (s)he has to keep all other work aside and entertain you. 

Reaching more than 15 mins earlier is not professional as the company need to start your interview early as making you wait may not be acceptable by the company ethics.

2. Politeness:

As Prophet Mohammed said, “A Man’s beauty is in his tongue”, it is the direct way to enter into somebody’s mind and that too in a positive list. Showing politeness is like half work done when it comes to your interview. Being polite to the interviewer is no rocket science but you have to be polite even with each and every other Living being present at the premises. You never know how you can get evaluated. In many companies, your behaviour with receptionist counts in selection.

We have a misconception that if we speak a lot it is an impolite behaviour. We either speak only yes or no to avoid other conversation and to hide our nervousness. These are actually a part of impoliteness. Your enthusiasm level and interest in the job should be visible in your body language. Your behaviour should not be such that it shows an ignorance towards the job. Your down-to-earth behaviour will be highly appreciable always.

3. Performance:

The real crucial moment is when you enter the chamber wherein your interview is going to take place. Most of the time(frequently when we are a fresher) it happens that we go blank and behave obnoxiously at such moment. You should prepare your mind for the interview so well that it remains stable even after entering the chamber. The first thing to do is to greet your interviewer with a pleasant smile and a firm handshake if appropriate for the situation.

Try to avoid an awkward situation at both the ends by not extending your hand for shaking it when the interviewer does not have attention and on the other part be attentive if the interviewer has extended hand for shaking it. Sit only when you are told to, it shows a respect towards the interviewer. Do not act hastily by dragging chair and rushing into it in nervousness. Be calm and have a deep breath continuously until you are stable.

Remember: Keep silence if the interviewer is looking at your portfolio. Know when to keep mum and when to speak.

Once your interview has started, try to give a detailed and clear explanation of the question asked but do not beat around the bush. Always backup your qualification with your practical knowledge and experiences. Be enthusiastic and show your motivation. Do not exaggerate about your skills and knowledge so that you can be trapped in some tricky questions. Be honest but do not disclose and discuss personal issues.

# Must Do’s:

  • Wear a warm smile, it really matters!
  • Have an eye contact, it shows you are confident even if you are not.
  • Don’t have a frown on your head and do not be over quite.
  • Make sure your cell phone is off and not on vibrate mode.
  • Be honest! Don’t over exaggerate your skills but don’t underestimate it too.
  • Don’t act desperate by saying you are ready to accept any job.

It’s time to get de-stress!! As you are now out of the interview room!! Well, this doesn't mean that your interview is now over. See the POST INTERVIEW hacks which will help you to avoid the spoiling of extremely good cooked cake in the interview;

#Follow Up:

The last and the most important step before the final result is to Follow-up. We most of the time avoid it but it is a part of courtesy to send a THANK YOU note to the interviewer the next day. It not only gives an extra mileage but also gives you an extra visibility. Amongst 100s of the interviewee, you will be few of them who showed their courtesy and the interviewer came across your name once again after your interview which enhances your consideration for selection.

# Must Do’s:

  • Your interview is not over until you are out of the sight from the building where you had your interview, So behave accordingly.

  • Do not communicate anything about the interview on a phone when you are still on the premises.

I hope these hacks can contribute to your interview and you clear it with seven colours. It was great to be a part of SETU 2017.

See you soon with some more interesting Personnel Hacks!

Kosha Desai , HR Manager


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