Interview Etiquette: Make your big interview as simple as your conversation(Part-I)

Posted on 4 April, 2017

Finally, I am writing a blog for my SETU presentation! It’s like long awaited moment is just in front me and I am going short of words! Drafting content for other blogs and for the SETU presentation is very different as it is like I have so many live experiences which I can drop down here. I planned my topic for the speech wherein I have a good hold and I can deliver maximum knowledge to the audience which in turn can help them in all the ways when they are stepping into the corporate world. Well, that is what we want by organising this Mega event- SETU, to make a concrete bridge between the future IT aspirants and the Real corporate world.

As I said I chose a topic in which I have a good amount of content to share with the audience and being an HR the most common thing I encounter is interviewing the candidates. So through a span of experience, I have observed many things which make the interview go wrong despite many interviews you have already faced. Thus I thought to craft few hacks which can help you to make your big interview day as simple as your routine conversation. To make the work even easier I divided hacks into three parts, detailed explanation and examples of the same are listed below:


Appearing for an interview is not a game of just a one day. We have to build a concrete base for the best interview and for that we have to follow just 3 R which will work as cement in your solid base. Let's see the Rs of pre-interview hacks;

1. Resume:

A real source for marketing yourself is your resume! It creates the first impression and it lasts really very long at least till you are interviewed once. As we have seen many advertisements which we know are an exaggerated showcase of the product like for example; Fair ‘n’ Lovely fairer skin solution lotion wherein by applying it just once one can get fair skin. Though we know it is not 100 % true we still wish to try it once. Similarly, your good resume will surely make the interviewer think to test you at least once. It is just 20 secs at an average every interviewer gives to see your resume, so to grab their attention in such a small span you have to shape your resume at its best! To know how to craft your resume well, visit my blog “Resumes - Craft your perfect First Impression with these 6 easy tips”.

2. Research:

Once we are in search of job we keep no portal untapped and upload our resume on every portal. Well, it can be dangerous if you do it blindly. Ideally, one should research thoroughly about the online portal before uploading the resume. What type of potential employers are part of this portal, which type of jobs are available etc are the matters to be researched before floating your resume on it.

Remember: Uploading a Resume to the portal does not mean you got the job!

Most of the time once we upload our resume to the different portals we usually don’t care about the notification arrives in the portal and eventually if any potential employer calls us for a telephonic interview, we do not get idea about who is calling and we take a long time to make our mind that it's time to face a telephonic interview!

Searching for a job is not the only prerequisite for spreading your wings into the world of corporate. To be the smart starter, you must have a comprehensive knowledge about the trend of salary packages offered, increments, promotions, expected future growth, uncertainties etc. 

At a time you find a job which you feel is the most suitable place for you to have your kickstart then the first and foremost thing you should do is referring your resume and knowing about your own self to the fullest. You must be aware of each word and in fact a letter you have written in your resume through which you have applied for the job. Later to that before you encounter telephonic interview dig out every mine of information about the company. Explore every social media platform wherein you find any traces of the company. Get the complete facts and figure about the company. Don’t only focus on its mission vision and goals, go deeper to know the growing ratio,  how and what are the ethics of the company, who can be in your probable interviewer panel etc. This will give the confidence to face your interview.

3. Rehearse:

The last step prior to your The Interview day is practising and rehearse before your final showdown.

Remember: Even the veteran actor Mr Amitabh Bachchan rehearse religiously before facing the camera!

To do this the best way is to adopt a “Mirror Therapy”. You can get a check of your every minute non-verbal gestures and can make it perfect during your interview. Prepare the common questions which are generally asked at the interview like “Tell me about yourself in five lines”, Why do you want to join us?” etc.  Rehearsing will make your answers mature and accurate without any stuttering in between. This will show your confidence and you can enhance your performance too. 

# Must Do’s:

  • Ensure Proofreading of your resume before printing it out.

  • Remember: Cover letter writing is as important as your resume format.

  • Decide and try your outfits 3 days before.

  • Track the Direction of the interview venue prior to the day of the interview.

  • Get prepared with at least 30 Second pitch about who you are and why you’re applying for the job.

  • Get prepared for your interview day! I’ll be back with some awesome THE  INTERVIEW DAY and POST INTERVIEW HACKS soon. Stay tuned!

Get prepared for your interview day! I’ll be back with some awesome THE  INTERVIEW DAY and POST INTERVIEW HACKS soon. Stay tuned!

Kosha Desai , HR Manager


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