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Posted on 22 December, 2016

I chose a topic that describes the importance of the three most essential and inevitable basics- HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. I decided to have this topic for my speech because, during our placement seasons, I have keenly observed that many of the candidates have their major focus on the back-end languages like PHP, python, c sharp etc. Most of them apply for a job with a motto to work on either of these languages and also have an illusion to have a perfect rosy career with a specialisation of any of such language. Yes, backend language is utmost important but we have a number of options that can replace our hold in any language. Say, for example, if you want to form a coding program for the website of a stylish wardrobe, you can do it through PHP or python or any other language and can have identically same output like another language that you didn’t use. So this is how our career gets in danger as there are many innovations in the field of programming language everyday. For a more in-depth study about how dependency on one single language can ruin your career, read, “ Languages- a Soul of Programming” by our Tech-superman “Chirag Rajkotiya”.

While having our focus on these languages, somehow during our academical phase we forget about the most essential and crucial fundamental of frontend support- HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT which are actually something which has no other option and thus we have to use it anyhow to run our web page. These are that web standard which is the ONLY language understood by your browser. No matter how good you write a code for a website in any server-side languages, the final rendering has to be clubbed with HTML, CSS and Javascript. To brush up our fundas of these three elements, below is a short explanation of these terms:

  1. HTML: A source through which structuring of your content takes place is HTML. It divides the content into a title, paragraphs, highlighting through bold or italic font etc.
  2. CSS: It stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is responsible for making the web page looks beautiful. It tells the browser how each type of element should be displayed, which may vary for different media (like laptop screen or in mobile).
  3. JavaScript: JavaScript provides dynamic functions to your website/application. The main feature of this component is it gives a dynamic interactivity to your web application.

Front End Development and Front- End Designing

Have you ever came across a question about the difference between this two words? If not, you will definitely face it when you will appear for an interview at Emipro. I will not describe it here but I am sure You will search it and will get prepared for facing such questions. Here in this topic, it is mentioned because one should know that if we say a Front End Designing which includes just the layout and the structure then only the HTML and CSS will be used. But as soon as Javascript is indulged in the process then it becomes Front end development which includes dynamic features also.

Why HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT are important?

HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT are three basics which are essential for any techy to make a website. They are at the core of the website regardless of its complexity. Even a non-technical person having these three skills can add a spark to their career in whatever field they are. And to our surprise, it is not that tough to get equipped with it. If we talk about HTML, as stated earlier it stands for HyperText Markup Language, which clarifies to an extent that it is not a programming language but it is a language that uses a tag to form a content.

Whereas HTML was the basic structure of your website, CSS is what gives our entire website a unique style. Do you remember those beautiful colours, interesting fonts, and background images? All thanks to CSS. It beautifies the basic structure of the content prepared through HTML. CSS makes it possible to see the web page according to the screen, i.e. on a mobile screen, it will be fitted in the screen as per the size of the mobile phone.

Can you see the content on your left-hand side? It is done through the use of HTML only. HTML helps us to organise the elements of content into a Header, footer, paragraphs etc. An image on your right-hand side has CSS codes which make it look colourful and with images. Isn’t it prettier?

Javascript is a bit complex programming language that enables the developer to make the web application interactive. Remember the pop-up dialogue boxes? The scrolling of content? The discount offers on a website? Everything is just because of the Javascript. JavaScript is essential for security password creation, check forms, interactive games, and special effects. It is also used to build mobile apps and create server-based applications.

Javascript helps us to get the dynamic functionality for some of the features even when there is no server connected. Javascript provides some of the rich User interface components like image customizer or slider etc.

One of the very important part of the Javascript is AJAX, which provides a very unique feature of refreshing only a part of the web page without affecting the other components of the web page. For example, if we are having Score update from Cricbuzz website, you must have notice that only the score part of the website is getting updated and not the whole website. This is helpful because loading a whole website again needs more time. Below is a forex chart which is an example of AJAX programming:

You must have noticed the recent inclination towards a Single Page Website which later draws you to other pages is the baby of javascript language. It is possible just because of Javascripting. 

Difference Between Javascript and JQuery

Jquery is a framework of javascript. To know the importance of Framework read: "FRAMEWORK BASED ENVIRONMENT- A Quick and Easy way to code" by the Master Blaster Mr Akshay Kantaria.

Different Javascript Frameworks

  • Knockout.js
  • Node.js
  • Require.js
  • Underscore.js
  • AngularJS
  • BackboneJs

To your surprise, Google has a post of “Node.js Developer”. I hope you can now make out the importance of these fundamentals and their framework. To be precise I have chosen this topic because every time we acquire new interns and everytime we to have start from the scratch which indeed becomes a hurdle on both the parts.

Read it, grab it and jump high to touch the sky. See You at SETU 2017!

Dilip Jivani , Managing Director


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