FRAMEWORK BASED ENVIRONMENT- A Quick and Easy way to code

Posted on 2 December, 2016

When I came to know that Speakers of SETU 2016 needs to have their speech in a written form which will be published as a blog on our website, I got super excited because I'll be able to go through the glimpse of speeches of all those in whom I was not available as was having my own speech. OMG! my own speech, I realised then, that I too have to note down my speech into a blog that can narrate everything I spoke during my session. It was a mixed feeling as I was actually excited to write down a blog but get an hour hardly in a day to do this activity due to my tight schedule. So finally I took this task today on hand and I want to complete it at its best!

Talking about my topic, “Framework based environment- A Quick and easy way to code” is all about the most vogue area of computer software i.e. using a predefined framework to code the software. In the late 90s & early 20s, the most hotbed topic for any software geek was the expertise and art to craft the if-else-if conditions in all different languages. That was then. Today we have travelled much ahead and now the battles of having more complex syntax and the structure are minimised and we are adopting a new way of standardised coding in the form of Framework!

Here is a perfect denotation of a framework for our understanding, “It is a software that provides a basic and generic set of functional code with a limited flexibility to have add-ons as per the requirements which help us to make an another software with different purpose”. The purpose of a framework is to avoid having same coding and logic implementation function, again and again, instead, have a uniform coding which can be reused any number of times by other developers to build another or an updated programming software. It is same as MS word templates that we use. We do not need to format every time if we want to draft a blog or say a resume, the format is already there in the template menu, we just have to choose it and write the matter as required.

Why we need a Framework?

Framework is introduced in very recent years. Primitively, in absence of frameworks too, we had much renowned and important innovation in the world of software programming. Thus, if you are a normal human being then at this point of time, your mind must be having a very obvious question, “WHY”. If we can do without it then why framework comes into the picture. We can understand it with a very basic example i.e. if we are told to have 10 cms X 12 cms sized paper in the quantity of 50 numbers then, will we have measurements for each 50 cuttings individually? No, of course not, we will just have a measurement of one paper and for others, this one paper will work as a framework. Similarly, if one software is already made to the particular level then any other software whose base is similar to that has not to be started from the scratch level again.

It may happen sometimes that our structure is ready but still our program cannot go live. This can be because of some very minor mistakes in the basic syntax, thus if we use a framework then it is tried and tested and therefore we already have a functional clarity. Also if we have basic work ready with us then we can quickly implement larger projects.

Framework gives an advantage of having a “restriction” in a field. So by using framework one can restrict the field with numeric, amount of number/string entry etc which ultimately minimises the error. Also if there is a change in any restriction then one need not to do it in all the forms individually but can be done by just altering in one single form. For example; if early the pin code number was having 5 digits and now it may 7 digits then with the help of framework we just have to correct it in one single form and at all another place where pin code types of fields are there, an effect will take place. How easy & time saving !!

Libraries v/s Framework

The libraries is a collection of predefined functions which can be used to fulfil a certain task. It mainly reuses the same code and does not provide any chance to reframe or add on anything. For example, libraries contain pre-coded mathematical equations that a developer can use but do not allow to alter anything in the algorithm. We can say “Sum” in MS Excel is a part of the library in MS Excel.

Framework is a set of code which helps to make an another software and thus it is quite complex. Framework gives a platform to have add-ons as per our requirement. Basically, a framework is just a skeleton on which one can draw features using libraries. As it is already a functional code, a developer needs not to worry about the output and just have to fill the gap and come up with the outcome as desired.

In libraries, it is the code that needs to call while in framework, it calls the code i.e. You call a library function, it executes some code and then the control is returned to your code while a framework will provide you with hooks and callbacks, so that you build on it; it will then call your plugged-in code whenever it wishes, a phenomenon called Inversion of Control.

Features of Framework

  1. Inversion of control:  is a design principle in which custom-written portions of a computer program receive the flow of control from a generic framework.
  2. Default behaviour: There are certain fields which are set to be the default which does not need to have code every time.
  3. Flow of framework : Framework allows a customisation but has to be in the flow as set in the framework.

Benefits of using a Framework

A Framework may not be absolutely a necessity but nonetheless, it is important. There are many advantages of a framework, few of them are stated below:

1.Eliminates Time utilisation:

Using framework, developers need not to reinvent the wheel. They are escaped from doing elementary coding which is extremely basic by nature. For example, if we do not use a framework for designing any forms like say SETU registration form then it will take our 2-3 days to make it which ultimately affect our other outputs.

2.Cuts costing:

It will also have a positive effect on costing part as it will save time and also an amateur employee also can take over the task.

3.Reduces Coding:

Here developer do not need to start from scratch and thus the amount of coding and its complexity becomes lesser.

4.Ensures safety:

As framework is well tested and used by a number of experts countrywide it gives a safety of minimal bugs and on the other hand it gives maximum authenticity.

5.Ensures upgradeability and maintenance:

In the framework, if the team of developers are changed then too it will able to upgrade and any new developer who was not a part of its development,can also maintain it.


Unlike libraries, it gives us a freedom to enter add-ons. It depends on the type of source. Basically, there are two types of source code: Open Code and a Close Code. Open code gives us an opportunity to insert and reframe the codes and get the desired result. An example of open source code is ODOO.


Framework is a platform by which we can reuse the programs developed by other developers to process our work for as many time as we want and in any number of system.

Current Corporate Scenario

In today’s software world, if we see, languages have become just a small drop from the whole big ocean. As in languages, if you know any of the ones, you can surely get a hold on others when required. Mostly everybody in the industry is aware of this basic thing called language. Moreover, nowadays we have got an aid in the form of visual languages wherein you get suggestion dropdowns by just writing a bit of it. This has made syntax little off beat and thus its time to know the architecting than just the syntax. Here, if you have good knowledge of frameworks available in different languages or if you have a good hold you can build your own framework and this is what will give you an extra edge in the competition!

Few Frameworks you must go through!

  • Bootstrap
  • Magento
  • Wordpress
  • Odoo
  • Zoomla
  • Node.js
  • Hibernate 
  • Spring

So this is how my whole speech ran. I uttered at the end which i want all of you too to know that , it is an end to my speech and hope a beginning to your interest in this upcoming field. Explore more! Read about it!Get that extra X factor in You!

Akshay Kantaria , Managing Director


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Manish Chocha

Posted on 15 December, 2016

i have reading full block of framework based enviornment,really nice to understand who is framework and difference between framework and libraly. Good Example of 10 cms X 12 cms sized paper,easy to understand concept of framework. Thanks...