Ecommerce as a Career Option for the Next Decade

Posted on 28 November, 2016

Imagine 80-90 college students sitting in a class on a holiday with pin drop silence and all eyeballs focused on 1 person. No fun, No disturbance. Not even from 1 person.

Not possible right?

I too thought so. But it actually happened.

It was the 12th day of March 2016 when this legendary(I will not wait for it) incident took place. Emipro organized SETU 2016 on this date; the goal was to bridge the gap between corporates and students. I was assigned the responsibility to take 2 sessions, which got me even more excited. I have been blogging for more than 2 years now and have a fair share of public speaking so content and stage fear were not a problem for me. I had to deliver a session on the topic ‘eCommerce as a Career Option for the next decade’. There were 2 things I was concerned about:

1) As all the students were in early stages of their career, my session had the power to shape it. I was very specific while crafting content for the session, I have to be clear about everything I deliver and have to explain it in depth. I did not want them to kick off their career with wrong information, neither I wanted to over-sell eCommerce. Each and every word I spoke had the power to influence their lives. This kind of pressure is different than what I thought it could be.

2) All of them were college students(they need fun) and it was WEEKEND (Official days for having fun). “What if they do what I did in class” was the thing revolving till the end. Let’s say I was not the student who would let the class go smooth. End of the story!

The content I crafted for the session was very specific and detailed, which overcame my 1st problem. To solve my 2nd problem, I made the presentation in a way that would have more engagement from students than me babbling continuously for 40 minutes. If they want to have fun, I will have fun with them. (Self-five)

Writing this article brought back all the memories created on that day. As I entered the class, it was complete silence, exactly opposite of what I expected. I was surprised by the silence, I told myself ‘I was so wrong about them, not everyone is like me’. I had to push them to speak something up as I was not used to a quiet class, as the session went on everyone joined in the discussion. Here is the summary of the presentation in case you missed it or want to go over it again.


Ecommerce has changed the way how trade is done. Though the basics are same, the channels to facilitate commerce are much more advanced and powerful. The Internet has revolutionized the way people shop, from Amazon’s prime service to the small merchant at the end of your street who just opened his online shop, everyone is advancing.

I am sure each one of you have bought something online and hence you are aware of what is eCommerce, how it works and what are its advantages(you must be knowing even more than what i am mentioning over here like the where to get discount coupons, when the highest sale will be float and many more). So let us directly jump to the question which is of highest interest to you! The Question is…

What Is In It For ME?

If you are a rational human you will surely get this question in your mind, you will surely think that if Ecommerce is booming what best can I have from it. So here is a short description about a piece of cake which can be yours through E-commerce. 

As a student, it is important for you to decide an industry you want to get into. Selection of the right industry can make it or break it for you. Of course, there are a lot of other lucrative industries but eCommerce stands out of all. I repeat the word ‘Industry’ here and not the job. Job in the eCommerce industry can range from a Data scientist, software Engineer to a content creator and a Logistics manager too.  Let’s say you want to be a Front-end developer, you have endless opportunities and industries to choose from, as a rational human, you will select the one which has the most personal and professional growth. E-commerce has it all, it is growing every day and the constant growth demands constant innovation. If you are someone who wants to be challenged professionally and want to grow at a high rate, E-commerce is the right place for you. If you are someone who wants to do the bare minimum, Ecommerce is not a place for you. E-commerce is a demanding job wherein you need to put your best every day no matter what your job is.

Ecommerce has a fantastic long-term global growth outlook

Let’s take a look at the statistics:

  • The total market today is huge – over $ 2Trillion and projected to grow at 17% per year. 
  • India's e-commerce industry is likely to clock a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35%
  • The growing eCommerce market in China now delivers sales of $1 billion – per day. 
  • The e-commerce sector in India is estimated to see a 72% jump in the average annual spend on online purchases per individual in 2016 (September 2015)
  • Mobile commerce is capturing 34% of E-Commerce sales  (as of 2015)

In simple terms, if the industry is growing at a good rate, people working in it will grow at the same pace too.

The number of intakes by the e-commerce sector from the various B-schools and engineering colleges has gone up by 65 percent this season over last year (35 percent)

In the current scenario, as the above diagram says, we have less supply of professional experts to the ECommerce industry due to lack of awareness and of course a high demand of the same as it is the most in-trend industry today. This will ultimately provide a great opportunity to the one who will step into this industry now with a chance of faster and higher growth in both the terms, financial and professional.

Ecommerce teaches you a variety of skills

Apart from the technical skills it teaches you practical business skills.

  • Pricing and profit management
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Public Relations
  • Inventory Management

And a lot more…

The dynamic work environment in eCommerce breaks down the monotony in a job

Variety of eCommerce platforms you can work on

Ecommerce is a domain wherein you can eradicate the stereotype Programmer job and can convert it into an exciting creative job. There are many platforms by which this domain gets floated. At Emipro, we majorly work on one of the most strategic and accurate platforms “Magento”. Being an IT brat you must be aware of many of them and must be interested in knowing the other platforms too. Below are some of the names of upcoming platforms for Ecommerce.

Here, I would like assert that one who is into the IT field should never ever choose a specific language to shape their career, instead, one should opt for a specific domain which will certainly shape your career graph higher. E-commerce is one such domain which is in its growing stage, have multiple varieties of platforms and still have many stones unturned. 

Career options in eCommerce after MCA, MSC IT and BE

As I stated in the above lines that ultimatum about everything is what we are going to get at the end. Being an aspiring IT professional one will surely have a question about what exactly are the jobs posts and areas available if (s)he chooses E-commerce as a career, so here is an answer for those: 

  • eCommerce store development
  • UI Engineer
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Digital Marketing
  • Database Management
  • Product Management
  • ERP Development
  • eCommerce Consultation
  • System analysts
  • Security Engineer

And a lot more…

This is just a tail of an elephant, you can explore a whole one stepping into the world of E-commerce. 

Ecommerce can make a difference in your life, not just your day job!

During my speech, I had more than half a time in discussion and interaction with the students about how eCommerce works in reality and what does ECommerce developers do on day to day basis. They asked me tons of questions related to eCommerce; I shared my personal experiences on how E-Commerce businesses start from scratch and become a multi-million dollar business.

I was surprised by the overwhelming response from students and their curiosity to know more about the industry. Some of them even explored me in details and contacted me after the event for more questions. The session was a success for me because I achieved the goals which I had in mind, by success I don’t mean the positive response I got, they got really passionate about Ecommerce that they are joining Emipro family in the ECommerce department next month.

I have tried the best to write down the whole experience so that the one who missed out can refer this and can have the advantage out of it. I would love to answer if any reader has questions in regards to E-commerce.

SETU 2017 is coming soon. I am very excited.

I will look forward for another enlightening speech at SETU 2017.

Shetul Majithiya , Senior Digital Marketing Executive


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Ms Kosha Desai

Posted on 28 November, 2016

Very nicely written Shetul! it seems as if I am attending your live session!