A Checklist for Shifting from College to Corporate

Posted on 3 April, 2017

The meaning of the word ‘SETU’ is a bridge and the purpose of a bridge is to connect. With this very purpose in mind, Emipro has decided to organize this fantastic event SETU every year. But what kind of bridge does Emipro build and what does Emipro’s SETU aim to connect? The answer lies in the tagline of the event, “SETU 2017 - Bridging gap between Corporates and IT Freshers”.

At SETU, experts from Emipro impart their valuable knowledge and wisdom about the latest trends in IT Corporate world to an enthusiastic group of students who are willing to become Corporate ready. 16 Informative Speeches, 10+ Colleges & 350+ students made SETU 2017 a grand success.

Amongst the 16 speeches, I was privileged to be chosen for sharing my insights with students. So when it came to selecting a topic, I chose the one that reflected the very purpose and essence of SETU i.e. “A Checklist for Shifting from College to Corporate”. The topic aimed at guiding students about what they required to become Corporate ready. In this blog, I am going to share the content of my presentation for the students so that they can refer, revise and try to implement what they find useful.


Before talking about shifting from college to corporate, one of the major things that had to be discussed was this word - employability. A lot of students across this nation have a complaint that even after scoring good marks and getting a degree, they can’t find a good job. If you dig deeper, you come to realize that employability lies at the core of this issue. Just because someone has finished their academics and gained a degree does not mean they become eligible to get a good job. Your degree does not ensure that you have become job ready or employable.

But what is employability anyway? In simple terms, it means:

  • Ability to GET a job
  • Ability to STAY in a job
  • Ability to GROW in a job

Graduates struggle to get a good job in this highly competitive market. However, merely getting a job isn’t enough. Many graduates who get a job are not able to stay in the job for long for several reasons. So the ability to stay in a job is equally important. Also, progress is an inherent need of every person hence no one would like to stay stagnant in a job for a longer period. Hence growing yourself along with the organization that you work in, is also very important.

So when trying to find out reasons of why graduates don’t get a good job, a shocking statistic regarding the employability comes to the surface. According to National Employability Report, only 25% Graduates are Employable. This is a very general statistic and the field specific statistics are even worse. The study clearly indicates that even after gaining degrees, there are things that graduates lack which are very much essential to becoming employable.

So what does a student really need to become employable? Let’s find out!

 Employability requires 3 key ingredients: Knowledge, Skills & Attitude.


Explore beyond syllabus

College education aims at strengthening the fundamental concepts of various subjects in students. Having the basic concepts clear is very important as it forms the base of your knowledge. However just sticking to the basics won’t help. A student must be curious to explore topics that may not be a part of their syllabus. This helps them gain expertise in a particular field. Also, along with their academic learning, students must cultivate a habit of staying aware about the global IT trends and technologies. Outdated knowledge will be of no use in IT so it’s extremely important to stay updated.

Learn to apply what you know

Only applicable knowledge is useful. Simply mugging up theoretical concepts of IT without knowing about its practical applications will not be useful at all. Students must develop a practical approach and try to learn about the real world applications of the technologies they learn. It is also important to stay flexible about choosing a software/technology. Softwares and platforms get updated and evolved at a very faster pace. Hence with changing times, students must not stick to just one software or technology.


Communication Skills

Communication forms the backbone of any organization and regardless of your technical role, you will be expected to have good communication skills. If you ask any recruiter about their top priorities, the point of communication skills will remain atop their list. Students must improvise their oral & written communication and gain proficiency in it to stand out from the crowd. Learning to use email professionally or improving English language skills will also help a lot. If you have good technical knowledge but lack basic communication skill, you will struggle a lot while climbing the corporate ladder in IT.

Mannerism & Etiquettes

During the college life, students barely pay any attention to mannerism and etiquettes. Very simple things like courtesy and politeness creates a strong impression but sadly a lot of students lack it. Before you step into the corporate world, know about the general workplace etiquettes one must follow. Following workplace etiquettes is very important and if you miss out on that, you create a very bad impression amongst your colleagues as well as seniors.



One thing that must be kept in mind is when you are a student, you pay the college and in return college offers you education. Whereas when you make the shift from college to corporate, it is your company that pays you and you are expected to provide your services in return. This perspective should create a sense of responsibility in students. Being punctual at workplace is absolutely necessary. People who arrive late at the office or do not finish their work in the deadline are seen as irresponsible by their seniors and they don’t go a long way in corporate. 

Remaining committed to your work without being distracted is essential. If you make a mistake, develop an attitude to accept your fault and attempting to correct the mistake instead of assigning blame to others. And last but not least, being responsible means promising what you can deliver. In the race of impressing your bosses by taking up multiple responsibilities, you may end up promising more than you can handle and that would result in spoiling each and every responsibility that you have taken. Hence know your limitations and convey them clearly.


Knowledge and Skills will help you gain a job or stay in a job but if you want to grow in a job, your attitude matters more. Employees who are not adaptable to corporate environment either quit or don’t grow as much as they should. It is very important to stay motivated and keep a positive mindset in corporate world. Negativity will ensure your downfall. Being rigid about your work will hinder your growth badly so always remain flexible and open to try something new. Don’t assume that you or anyone else knows everything. Working in an organization is more of a teamwork and everyone needs help. Never be shy to ask for help when you need it and never be reluctant to offer help to anyone who needs it.

To become employable, an appropriate combination of Knowledge, Skills & Attitude is absolutely necessary. Students who realize this during their academic life tend to make the transition from college to corporate very smoothly. At Emipro, we believe that students must be made aware of what they need to shift from college to corporate and hence strong efforts are taken to ensure that in the form of SETU as well as our Internship Program. I hope every student who participated in SETU had a good time and gained something that would help them build a strong career in IT.

 P.S. - I’m eagerly waiting for SETU 2018. Are you?

Arpit Sheth , Business Development Executive


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