Your Odoo eCommerce Theme will be useless without these 4 features

Posted on 5 January, 2018

Appearances are often deceptive!

We all know this and probably experienced it too. And based on our experience, it sounds like a good mantra to follow. However, the fact remains that in today’s eCommerce world, the look and feel of your online store plays a significant role in your business success. But one thing that matters even more than the look and feel is how user-friendly and usable features does your online store have. If your visitors don’t like what they see and how smoothly they navigate, they will surely look elsewhere.

As you are reading this blog, I’m safely assuming that you are very much interested in an online store based on Odoo eCommerce that your visitors will love. Whether you already have an Odoo Store or you are looking to build a new one, this blog will certainly guide you towards making a right decision.

When you decide to get a new Odoo Theme, the most likely thing you do is visit Odoo App Store and browse the best Odoo theme available over there. You will open few themes and see their live preview. However, you will be only observing the overall look and feel without really focusing much on how feature rich those themes are. This is a mistake made by many store owners and I’m here to prevent you from making that mistake.

Let me get straight to the point and tell you about the features that you should keep an eye for while looking for an Odoo theme for your Odoo eCommerce store.

Fully Customizable Header & Mega Menu 

It is necessary that the header of your website allows you to update and customize informations such as any special discount offers, discount codes etc, global search engine for products under any category, account details, wishlist and cart menu etc. having all these options on top of your web store allows your customers to have a quick view of daily offers, as well as other details like his overall account info, the products he added to the cart, he can even set different languages, quickly search any product and sometimes if your theme allows he can directly compare products and find hot deals too, from the header of your ecommerce store.

Similarly mega menu in Odoo eCommerce Theme also have an important role to play as it  facilitates your website navigation, it has evolved all the way through a small menu with navigational links to archives and categories in to a drop down menu and currently trending as a mega menu. Putting it simply, this is a drop-down menu with multi level expansions that lets you incorporate your web store’s entire navigation in to a simple page. It enables your site visitors to search rather deeper and reach almost all sections of your store from the main menu. And improves overall user experience and usability and help generate more sales, increased conversion rates by keeping your customers browsing your online store longer.

Clearer CMS Building Blocks

The core value of any ecommerce website’s lies in what's happening backstage, how efficiently you create, prepare and organise behind the scenes actually shows the real picture on the big screen. By using an Odoo Theme that provides you with impressive and crystal-clear CMS  building blocks and that too in wide range can really metamorphose your ecommerce business into a rapidly growing phenomenon. The more methodically organised blocks your theme provides the more flexibility you have to restyle a versatile out look of your online store.which eventually results in making your visitors go out of the way to spend more and more time on it.

Product Carousels

Carousels are really on a roll these days, because of its effectiveness to promote products on an ecommerce store. Not only does it allow you to showcase a magnificent product imagery to improve the look of your website but also promotes your exclusive, newly launched and featured products and services.

Dynamic Product Carousel in Odoo eCommerce Theme allows you to dynamically add/remove the products those you think are no longer in trend or demand and out dated from backend. And your visitors can easily find and see the featured and exclusive products and contents on the homepage without searching any deeper.

Category Page

It is a leading page for your entire web store where all your products are displayed and you can see all the categories under which products are listed, it facilitates visitors with a lot of useful and unique option to search products using various filters and place the orders.Most of the time your visitors land up on this page while searching for various products, so it is a key element that defines the future actions and association of your visitors with your eCommerce store, and gives enough reasons to shop on a regular basis, as it offers your visitors a stunning view and ease of navigation with multiple options of searchability. Features like Quick View, Ajax Based Product Navigation, Product Label, Product Discount, Add to Wishlist, Alternate Image of your Item, Attractive Offer Banner, Price Filter, Brands Filter etc.. your category page will surely make your online store stand out from other eCommerce store in Odoo.

The features shown above are absolutely important in any Odoo eCommerce Theme regardless of what you sell. It is easy to find a good looking theme but when you scrutinize the themes with a detailed eye, you will notice that the above features are not implemented well in any regular themes that you will find out there in the market.

To save you sometime, I’m going to show you exactly the theme that you probably aren’t looking for but is something that you exactly need - Odoo Theme Infigo! Do you think I’m simply promoting my theme? Well, you don’t have to believe me but simply see for yourself by trying the demo of Theme Infigo

I bet you will be really impressed and amazed by the pure awesomeness of Theme Infigo. (Okay, that’s too much! OR MAY BE NOT). Go ahead, give it a try!

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