5 Reasons Why Every Odoo Partner Should Attend Odoo Experience 2018

Posted on 17 July, 2018

Odoo Experience is a yearly event which brings together all the members of Odoo community for learning and networking. It is an opportunity to explore the maximum about Odoo and build an identity in the community. From sharing of ideas to keynote presentation to concerts and unlimited fun, Odoo Experience is a great event to talk about the latest in Odoo and establish relations with the Odoo team on a global level. Apart from learning, communicating and exploring, there are other key advantages to attend the Odoo Experience 2018 event. 

Odoo Keynote Presentation & Launch of Odoo 12

One of the most exciting parts of Odoo Experience is the keynote presentation by Fabien Pinckaers, the Founder of Odoo. There is a lot of thrill involved as he launches the new Odoo 12 version and announces the latest developments in Odoo. Knowledge about latest advancements of Odoo can help you proceed towards new Odoo developments and can facilitate you to lead the market. 

Talks @ Odoo Experience 

Odoo Experience every year is a great source of knowing what’s up with the Odoo community including the partners. At Odoo Experience, all the Odoo Partners and developers share the solutions they have built in the Odoo arena. While they educate everyone about their creations in Odoo, those solutions might also serve a purpose to other members of Odoo community. Along with the solutions, Odoo Partners can enlighten the attendees with their ideas which can help them build the solutions better with the help of feedbacks. 

Create Your Network

This is certainly the best way to establish your presence and build a network in the Odoo community. Because you communicate with the community in person, you can build and strengthen the connections which are not just limited to partners and customers but also other community members. You can set up professional connections by showcasing your expertise and also increase your visibility to expand.

Find New Customers And Collaborators

Odoo Experience gives you a chance to collaborate with the Odoo business owners who are in search of Odoo solutions for their customers. You can familiarise such business owners with your solutions and cater indirectly to the customers. So this becomes a win-win for both huge & small enterprises. This collaboration can ultimately help you connect with a plethora of Odoo customers. 

Showcase Your Custom Odoo Solutions To Customer 

Since 2017, Odoo Experience started providing ready-to-use booths to the businesses. This was a cherry on the cake for everyone attending Odoo Experience. As businesses can demonstrate their solutions to the interested collaborators and customers directly, they can gain clarity on how the solution works and if that can be of use to them in their business. These booths proved to be a great return on investment as they entail presenting the best of what you can offer to the Odoo customers and businesses and showcase your brand.

We, Eminents are all prepared and excited for the Odoo Experience 2018. Meet us at Stand D2 and discover about the latest Odoo solutions we have created. 

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