Web Hosting - Key points to look at before hosting your Magento 2 store

Posted on 14 September, 2017

Is your eCommerce site ready and fully developed? Is it just a step away from getting launched on the web and from starting your business? So now is the time for you to go for web hosting services for your online store. This might sound very easy and a small process and even might be considered as one of the steps in the process of eCommerce development which can be taken lightly. But technically, choosing a proper Web hosting platform is one of the prime steps to consider while developing an E-commerce store so that you get safe, secure and advanced features all at the same time and from the same web hosting provider.

The internal structure of Magento and its version 2 is really complex as it provides wide functionalities for developing an Ecommerce website. Complex structure of Magento 2 is the reason hosting of an ecommerce store developed in Magento 2 should be done by a hosting provider which can take care of its complexities and even the other important factors like security, performance etc. You must be thinking about how to proceed with selecting/choosing web hosting provider and might be planning to search over the internet for the same. But keep calm and have a look at below given points which will clear most of your queries.

1.  Understanding

Well, this is obviously present in each and everything you do for getting a better output for whatever the input you give. Here understanding is used for your business. Whenever we see an online business which is successful, it’s the result of detailed analysis done at initial stages. This will help you choose web hosting provider wisely. Irrespective of whatever type and scale of business you have, at least be thorough with the below given 3 factors or aspects for an online business or an eCommerce store.

  • Disk space
  • Processing capability
  • Bandwidth

Proper assignment of all 3 to your business at initial phases will make it a hassle free one in the future.

2. Searching

Following the first step, comes the searching part. Search for a company who meets the requirements of your eCommerce store for hosting it. This can be the one among the official Magento hosting partners. The reason why an official partner is preferred is because these companies have a pretty good experience within the platform and it does not only provide the required environment but also technical assistance during installation and deployment phases is available from them anytime. Now what can be better than this type of service which saves your time to a greater extent thus enhancing you to focus more on management side of your online store than on the technical side?

3. Focusing

As you would know that there are multiple hosting services available for hosting of your eCommerce store. At this point, you have to focus upon the hosting parameters and the type of server for your store. This is only possible when you have carried out deep analysis of your business which we discussed in understanding phase. Selecting the type of hosting is regarded as an important consideration.Consideration of different types of servers is advised before coming to a decision.

Below mentioned are the most common types of servers which lets you host your store.

1. Shared Servers- This is a type of server where more than one or multiple web stores share a single physical server at one place. So for beginners this would be reasonable as it is cost friendly. While it is affordable or reasonable, a flip side is the bandwidth is limited and also the disk space which results in downtime and also slows down the speed of the site.

2. Dedicated Servers- For a huge volume of web traffic, this server is an ideal solution. In this, your store gets hosted on a single hardware platform to let you have all the benefits, performance capabilities and other dedicated resources. While costs are high, unlimited bandwidth and disk space are incredible features.

So for an eCommerce store you should forget about shared server hosting and should implement dedicated hosting as obviously your website will get a lot of traffic as it’s a ‘shopping’ site after all! 

4. Picking up a Hosting solution

Once the selection of hosting has been done, further comes opting for the best hosting solution. Choosing the best hosting solution means to carry out day to day management activities for your online store. Without the efficient solution, the success of a business cannot be expected.

For instance, choosing a company like Cloudways and ServerGuy which provides managed hosting solution including features like server security, auto scalable hosting with Multiple Integrated tools, built-in cache and other features which are necessary for your magento store. Services like this help you manage your store easily without any hassles.

Let us have a look at the hosting solutions available globally and you can decide which one is suitable for your eCommerce business.

1. Self managed Hosting: This is an ideal and a best solution for those who love coding. For people having the knowledge of technical aspects of managing server hardware and software, this hosting proves to be a best solution. In this, you have full control on the server. The responsibility for all updates, performance optimization and security patches lies in your hands. These were the benefits which we talked about but let us look at the other side too.

As all the responsibilities lie on users’ end, an undivided and constant attention needs to be given to this solution thus forcing an owner to refrain from other crucial responsibilities.

2. Managed Hosting: This service will allow your hosting provider to manage the server of your Magento Store. So instead of hosting your site on your own, this is an alternative.All the parameters and factors related to server management like regular updates, backups, security patches etc. are taken care of by hosting providers. 
Management of your eCommerce store lies in your hands but the technical aspects are taken care by hosting provider.

5. Security matters(a lot!)

This is the most important aspect of the overall Magento store hosting and management process. The hosting provider will be responsible for the list of security issues generated. Threats can be anything. It can be due to internal structure of Magento, it can be due to server etc. The hosting provider should be ready and expert enough to solve any kind of issues related to security and get back the normal working of the store. In addition, the hosting provider should advice you about the security related issues of third-party Magento themes and extensions that might be active on your store. So before selecting a provider, a proper research is must about that particular provider’s reputation in market and especially in security related matters.

6. Robust Support

In case of a problem see to it your provider is available for you till the problem gets fixed. Issues of any kind whether of hosting platform or setup of store itself requires a quick solution and response as time literally means money in case of Magento stores. The store gets down and inaccessible, you lose customers. So opting for provider having Magento experts in their team is highly beneficial for you as you will get effective and prompt solutions.

Web hosting is a onetime process. Having a detailed knowledge of all the above needs affecting hosting of your eCommerce store like understanding your business and allotting resources accordingly, focusing on server selection depending on the web traffic, opting for a best web hosting solution and not forgetting the security and support needed while and after hosting of your eCommerce store.Your web provider should be the one who can fulfill your online store’s needs always and anytime.

Shetul Majithiya , Senior Digital Marketing Executive

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