Points to consider while developing an eCommerce website

Posted on 10 November, 2016

Website design is one of the dominant factors that makes or breaks your first impression in visitor's mind. If you solely believe that the only focus for an excellent website is design & looks, you are on the wrong side. Based on analysis and statistics concluded by web experts, 'flexible functionalities along with a strong base of effective design' is what visitors are always looking for. The process to keep it simple is complicated. You need to consider several aspects, from user experience to optimization and performance. Besides this, here I have listed few other aspects that developers need to consider while framing an eCommerce website:

1. Choose a robust platform

If your site is not live yet and you are planning to launch one, you need to pass through the most important decision that will affect your sales for the lifetime: choosing the right platform. There are innumerable frameworks available but Magento is a powerful CMS holding peak position in the eCommerce market. Lakhs of merchants have been satisfied by building their website on the open-source framework like Magento. The open-source availability has widened its fame even more. Among lots of vendors providing their services and extensions for Magento, choosing the most trustable one will surely boost up your sales right from the beginning.

2. Present products in an attractive way

The core of the website- product page is the builder or breaker of your visitor into a customer. Displaying product images and other appropriate information in a streamlined yet attractive way will automatically make the customer's mind to move ahead in the purchase process. You need to understand the type of product you are describing and the type of audience you will be pointing to. The text you write on product page should be very communicative just like we interact with salesman at the brick-and-mortar store. More specifically, I would like to point that do not only provide the details of product, but also frame the friendly sentences so that the customer can be dragged into product experience.

Specifically, if you are owning marketplace website, comfortable back-end management and displaying seller information in a relevant manner will be one more point you need to pay attention at. Again, I will point to Magento for offering a vast scope of Marketplace extensions. If you choose a perfect and all-inclusive Multi-Seller marketplace extension for Magento, all of your needs will be very satisfied therein itself leaving no scope for problems ahead.

3. Effective site search

Most of the visitors prefer to directly look for a product from the search bar rather than moving deep into the categories and sub-categories. So it is important to make visitors available with this functionality and also make it behave in a user-friendly way. Also, never miss out to make most out of the search functionality by offering the autocomplete search so that customers can be more befriended with the products they are looking for. Once more I would highlight Magento for it offers it by default!

4. Navigation

Navigation and site search go hand-in-hand for your customers in terms of measuring product findability. The first-most thing is using perfectly meaningful labels for all categories and sub-categories appearing under navigation. There is nothing more annoying than confusing labels. Secondly, break the variety of products you offer into relevant sub-categories. Wisely place the related products under a parent category to make the hierarchy deeper but, clear. Make the top-level menus clickable so that visitor can also browse through all the products lying under its sub-categories in a single click. You have the right to starrify your featured products and offers, but just be sure you don't make it too clumsy to devalue other products. Highlighting your content under a separate category is also a good promotion idea.

5. Site performance optimization

No matter how big vendor you are and how amazing products and services you offer, visitors are for sure going to abandon your site if it takes much time to load. You are likely to lose visitors if your site is still getting loaded even after 3 seconds. Magento offers a useful way to merge your site's CSS and javascript files into a single file so that only one javascript or style sheet gets loaded rather than multiple ones.

6. Offer guest checkouts

You prefer to have registered checkouts, but all customers don't! It may happen that you are looking for chances to keep trace of them as a way to increase your future sales. But, many customers find it annoying to register themselves on your site. Rather, facilitate them to place an order as a guest and then opt for a link on the order success page to get registered.

7. Keep original content for company pages

Framing the required company pages will not only improve your site's rank but also open up a new way for your visitors to befriend with you. Do not underestimate the importance of company pages. It is confusing to write original yet impressive content for your company pages but sparing much time and efforts behind it will ultimately bring good fruits for the lifetime. More than that, the content and quotes should be included in such a way that it echoes your approach towards the services you provide and the experience you hold in your niche. As a caution, you can use some free tools to eliminate plagiarism from your site.

8. Ensure customers about security

An eCommerce site must be secured with SSL certificate. You need to gain the trust of customers regarding the security of the sensitive payment information and address they are using for checkout. Don't store customer's credit card or any other payment method information on your server. It may seem like a good idea to you to make the payment method steps easy for customers but, it is an immense risk for you to be responsible for the loss in case it gets leaked.

Well, site development is a constant process. The more analysis you make, the more features you note down to add it in your site. Out of the innumerable points to keep in mind while designing and developing an ecommerce site, I have noted down these worth-noticing and essential ones. Do reach us out with other points you have in mind!

Bhavika Khetani , Business Development Executive

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