Manage credit points and RMA requests with these power-packed Magento extensions

Posted on 1 August, 2016

By making a decision for rewarding your customers with credit points, you will be pushing up the most important business tactic: customer retention and engagement.

Though cash back is the most desirable return that customers want, it could be an indirect cut of the owner’s revenue. The store owner can have a backdoor benefit by crediting such virtual balance in a customer’s account instead of releasing the payment for return requests. Credit points will ultimately prove to be more rewarding for a store owner as it assures the fact that the customer is surely going to make another purchase rather than letting go off the surplus balance!

Our credit points extension for Magento offers a variety of advanced features that a store owner needs to provide the specific number of points and also to limit the number of points in different cases:

1. For those customers who are actually considering it as a bonus, they can earn a specific number of points along with the product purchase. They can also place an order for purchasing credit points separately.

2. When customer wishes to use the credit balance in his order amount, he can redeem his earned credit points in the checkout page.

The customer can also send a request for withdrawal of credit points as money and admin can approve or disapprove the request accordingly.

3. Want to gift your customers with surplus balance? Admin can easily add or subtract the credit points of any customer. Just open the credit points tab from the particular customer’s account and there you can add or deduct (use minus sign) points from that customer’s balance.

Admin can also view the detailed credit points transaction history for credit points earned/spent along with reasons under Emipro > Credit Points Transactions menu.

4. Admin can restrict the transaction by setting the limit of the maximum number of credit points a customer can have in his account. 

Admin can also set the minimum number of points to be withdrawn at the time of purchasing the product.

In the above configuration, admin is facilitated with the following flexible features :

5. Admin can allow or disallow applying credit points discount when coupon code is applied. This way admin can have control over the order getting discounted twice.

6. Admin can set the value of credit points rewarded by each product. The credit points will be a result of the proportion set in Order amount (X) and Credit points (Y) fields.

7. We have provided multiple currency support and admin can set rate of credit point (For example, 1 credit point = 2 USD).

And now comes the distinct feature of settling down the return requests by rewarding back the credit points. We have intentionally designed our RMA extension to get merged with credit points when the user has requested to get the credit points in return of the product.

It goes as below in detail:

With our credit points extension installed in your Magento, the user can see the option for “Store Credit” in the drop-down of return type. And then for all return requests demanding credit points, you can apply all those settings that you have made for credit points extension.

With very few modules in the market handling this two-way task, our both modules widen the scope of luring the customers and managing the return requests.

Bhavika Khetani , Business Development Executive

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