How to Optimize Your Store with Magento Custom Options?

Posted on 14 February, 2019

Extensions are an addition with features to enrich your stores along with the basic features of any platform that you operate. With the increased importance of customizations in various domains like outfits, jewelry, gift items, etc., being able to manage the stock easily with custom options is a big deal. 

The advanced custom option suite for Magento 2 is one such extension which is a standalone solution to create and manage the product custom options. It is an extension rich with various functionalities which will not just save your time but also your efforts and save you from the hassles of those tedious tasks. Also, the cherry on the cake is a few custom option types added which include thumbnail gallery, thumbnail pop-up, and thumbnail gallery multi-select. 

Images always leave a lasting impression on the customers’ mind. With this functionality, the admin can set separate images in the thumbnails. Thumbnail gallery is the new type of option which enables you to display the images of the product options making your product page look catchy. These images help the customers note the product variations and understand the difference between the options. 

The custom option image tooltip functionality enables the admin to add images in the tooltip so the image appears in the tooltip whenever a customer hovers over the thumbnail. This extension makes the images appear in the tooltip in an enhanced manner. The thumbnail gallery type of options let you display the images making them look even more attractive. Admin can even configure the dimensions of the tooltip along with the thumbnail. 

When customers opt for customization, they always want to see how the actual product look before finalizing it. With this functionality, admin can set an image of the customized product the customer chooses and that image will appear in the popup. An enlarged version of the customized product will appear in the pop-up, giving customers clarity about what they will be buying. 

When customers choose from various custom options on any store, they expect to view the image with their custom options applied to the product. This functionality enables the admin to set the images for each product with the custom options applied and display it as the main image. Admin can configure the dimensions of the custom option image thumbnail as well as the main image. Because the main image changes, the customers can view the image of the final product they will purchase and hence help them be sure of their purchase.  

When the dependency between various custom option can be set, it helps admin to display the right options available at the right time. With this functionality, the admin can set up a dependency between multiple different custom options. It helps the admin making only relevant options appear on the front end i.e. those products which are dependent upon each other in terms of various attributes like size, color, etc. 

Custom option manager enables the admin to add or delete single or multiple custom options in a minimum number of clicks. Whenever there is an update in any custom option, the admin can add that option and assign that custom options to multiple products hence saving him time and money. 

The functionality of this extension is similar to the custom option manager. It lets you add, update or delete the custom options in minimum steps. An added advantage of this functionality is that it lets the admin upload a separate image or color code for each of the custom options of any product. With the thumbnail gallery type of options, because the admin can add images and color code, customers can view the images of that exact product. 

With this functionality, admin can set up a price calculation formula and manage the equation easily. This functionality eases the price calculation of the products where there are different measurements involved for example curtains and blinds, wires and cables, etc. This pricing works real time and is accurate and even allows the admin to decide the unit on the basis of which the price is to be calculated. With these calculations, the admin can even set up the discounts to be offered to the customers. The approach of this extension is user-friendly and works accurately to display correct calculations.

Parting Word

With the functionalities that minimize the admins’ job, Advanced Custom Option Suit for Magento 2 is an amalgamation of all best features which an owner with custom options can choose. It will enrich your store making it easy for you to manage it and will display to the customers, a systematized product page with multiple visuals and other custom options. 

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