5 Magento Features That You Know But You Don't Know

Posted on 18 July, 2018

Digital marketing is advancing at full tilt because apparently, it has proven to be the best and effective way of promoting the businesses in the era of screens. As powerful and effective it is, it also demands consistent effort to keep going. While the technology trends and customer trends change within no time, it is important to keep updating and staying in sync with the latest. 

Digital marketing sequences eCommerce websites and eCommerce websites need a platform with a few core and advanced features which keep the business and management tasks going on without hindrances. There are certain tasks which are tedious and demand efforts and constant updations. But why allot time to such tasks when there are platforms developed to make the tasks easier?  

One such exceptional platform is Magento. Magento is the most flexible content management system which boosts the businesses regardless of the size. While it helps you save hours of manual efforts of entering all the data of your stock and inventory, it also possesses the ability to customize, integrate with third-party and minimize the business cost making your business flourish. 

Magento has numerous features which are worthwhile. Listed below are the features of Magento which will actually make a difference to your business. 

Group Pricing 

Via Magento, not just B2C selling is easy but also B2B becomes effortless. While dealing in B2B business, advanced pricing which varies according to the customer group, volumes, discounts, etc is required. This feature of Magento enables you to display different products and set separate prices for separate customer groups making it easy for you to manage. 

This feature lets you manage your wholesale and retail business from the same account on Magento. Also, varying prices feel like a fair treatment to customers and you can gain their loyalty and trust. A win-win. 

Manage Multiple Shipments On A Single Online Order

Magento offers the option of multiple shipments to eCommerce businesses. When you cannot get all the items delivered at the same time, you can create multiple shipments with multiple addresses and speed up the possible shipments. Because you can create and manage multiple shipments in a single order, retaining the customers becomes an advantage.

SEO Features To Spur On The Ranking 

SEO is one of the most important aspects to be considered for any business and Magento takes that into consideration. It facilitates features which are helpful for SEO purpose. For any online business, entering the meta descriptions for every product is a tedious task but in Magento, the meta information is auto-generated. This information is generated on the basis of the attributes of products and a static text. Once you set the static text, the attributes are fetched from product information saving you time and efforts. 

Magento also generates search terms page which includes the search terms the users have entered after coming to your online website. This collection of keywords can further help you to get an idea of what people are searching. 

Inbuilt Analytics And AdWords Integration 

When you advertise your products via prominent platforms like Adwords, managing and tracking sales from different platforms is a difficult and time-consuming task. For integrating third-party accounts with Magento requires defining a code. But with the help of this Magento feature, you can integrate your AdWords and Analytics account without generating a code. To sync your AdWords and Analytics account, you just need to enter your AdWords and Analytics account ID and your job is done. Once it is synced, the required data will be fetched. 

Upsells And Cross-Sells

Magento possesses many advanced features which collectively increase the sales of businesses. Some of those features are Upsells and cross-sells. Upsell is a method which persuades the customer to buy a product expensive than what he/she is buying. Upsells block is usually on the same product page. Similarly, cross-sells is a method which persuades the customers to buy products which relate to the one they buy. Cross-sell blocks are usually on shopping cart page. For eg., if a customer buys a phone, the cross-sell product will be a handsfree system. So basically, these methods convince the customers to buy better or more products eventually leading to more sales. 

Winding It Up, 

There are multiple eCommerce companies out there and Magento has proven to be a robust platform preferred by the most number of companies. The above-mentioned features are just a glimpse of the pros of the Magento platform. Explore more about Magento and acquaint yourself with other features of Magento to level up your business game. 

Rajal Barbhaya , Content Marketer

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