3 Content Improvement Strategies for small marketers

Posted on 30 May, 2016

Being a small business owner is a spectacular venture. If you head your business with fondness, then I, being an optimistic soul would assert that it could be even more remunerating overwhelmed journey. Small businesses have to endeavor to define themselves in a market congested with competitors. Time, personnel and resources -These are every owner's personal possessions. A deviation into the efficiency within any of these areas can encounter you to an exigent uphill combat to get your eStore back on track.

The biggest mistake a small business can make is to think like a small business.

Ideally, you need to remain cognizant of technological renovations, avail yourself of trending tactics , and most competitively get tuned with the competitors' activities.  If you don't take care of your customers, your competitors will -and to bring this policy into implementation, you don't have to do the great things but do every little thing in a great way, the creative way. Whenever you see a ginormous e-commerce merchandise, someone someday had commenced to build it on the plinth of a small courageous decision. Small industries are the backbone of our economy, and hopefully the foundation of tomorrow's towering consortium.

At every stride of the business strategies, small business management is subjectively different from the enterprise ones. Well, cities don't start out big, neither companies do. They GROW. Optimizing your content, throughout the website and other conveyance mediums will mold the enterprise at a higher place in search results.

If you have felt that limited manpower and funds are the setbacks, then it has never been “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” solution. That differs from e-Store to e-Store, team to team, time to time. Perhaps, content is the evergreen factor that could be more common in all. The one who has dealt with content management knows that it could be an adventure. And to make it refining, I have jotted down certain points to oversee your site in a content-rich and customer-centric fashion:

1. Diversify the product content

Understanding the type of product you are targeting should be the prime focus. Secondly, the audience is the best factor to start with. If you are going to write about a certain topic- say baby toys- then you need to:

  • Identify the type of audience you are targeting with your content
  • Create content that can easily communicate with them.

Yes, I said "communicate" referring to the fact that your content should be as interactive as the salesmanship provided at the brick and mortar store. The product description is the only baseline that links the customer with the product. Strengthening the content will be the pre-condition for marketing strategies.

 What details and description you prefer to read if you are buying from another site..? Which presentation would be eye-catching and easy to get through: Everything in a paragraph or creatively noted down into the points?"  Practically, just put yourself in the place of customer who is viewing any specific product- and then try to get your mindset, the description you demand to be clarified, your desired points and the blend of style and substance that readers love.

For instance, the product description for chidrens' novel books will not be at all in similarity with the other mysterious, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy or biographical books.

A book is a book. What makes the difference? The audience is divergent. The person who is wandering into children category needs to get served with gleeful language, that has to be sprinkled a bit into the description.

Talking in-depth, do not only provide the required information for the commodity or services. Also, frame the necessary descriptive and friendly sentences to enhance the product with a background environment. Create a scenario by dragging the user into the experience of using the product.

Come out of the myth that more content length will mark a higher value. It is more of demarking instead of attention-catching. I insist on writing an explanatory paragraph to facilitate the reader (and turn him to the customer) and mention other details in well-sequenced points.

I got immersed into a deep chocolaty experience after going through this product at Beneoshop.

2. Blogs -Media belonging to you!

Take the seize over your own media. The blog is a prolific media that can build an audience if build on a strong blogging foundation and quality is not overlooked. Let me ask you, How do you certify a blog as an ideal script? The one that is lengthy, or the one which represents knowledge in points and infographics, or the one containing highbrow difficult thesaurus English (need to google out every word!), or the one that is based on simple day-to-day English..?

Unfortunately, we cannot fit any blog exactly in these points. Let me clarify in one line, a perfect blog is a rational blend of all the stuff above: A perfect lengthy script providing required statistics sprinkled with alternative terms that one does not use regularly!

I. If you hold any product or specific category with outstanding features, do write a blog about it. It not only allows you to write more detail than product description page but also highlights the product that customer have not been familiar with. And don't miss out the link to those unique products in order to navigate the reader to the product.In addition, promoting the upcoming products will make the readers feel ahead of the curve.

II. A blog post containing customer reviews and testimonials adds to the credibility of the site. If any customer seems to be contented with your service, don't hesitate to request for that product review. That will not only adorn your product page but also gives you a base to release a blog post depicting how your customers trust you. In case, if any of your customers has come across exceptional issues with your product/service (not the usual one like damaged delivery or return demand), I would suggest posting a blog in a conversational format, once you get it over via email (Spicing it up with the soothing words that customer reviewed for you guys..!). That would turn out to be a proof of your genuine service.

III. Decorate the script with proper formatting. Make the main words bold or italics indeed to make it eye-catchy. But then, use variations in it. Do not rely only on boldness, but also use CAPS and "quotation mark" to indicate focus. I insist not to overdo it. Decorating text holds a minor part, allow the major script text to be normal fonts. Also, using a suitable quote, one per article will work out to be icing on the cake. Do not make else's quote your own. If you are copying others' opinion or well-said ideas, don't neglect to mention that legend's name. I bet it will not rate the thing down. If you are providing the infographics, always provide the source link to the original creation.

IV. Share your struggle stories. Being belonging to a small, forthcoming offering, you have a lot of chances to share every bit of your success. Uncover it. People appreciate the rising sun. It will not only be a ray of inspiration but could also be a great history when you look back. Pack your script with a few emotions, tell stories that are aimed at bringing responses and getting shared. Stories describing honest achievement and the hard-core battle have always been used to dominate reader's hearts'.

V. Post your own creation, do not copy. Blogs are all about saying something that you want to say, not spreading others' word of mouth. Avoid the practice of combining lines from different sources and making it fit into your post.  Blogs are not purposed for continuous maintenance. Once you write a stuff, make it such that further no editing is required due to such degraded content. Blogs are for expanding purpose, you can release another one to go deeper in your own previous post. Google search engine algorithm focuses on quality content and chances of getting your page rank higher get deteriorated when plagiarism is detected. Check your content with free online plagiarism tools like smallseotools.com and plagscan.com to avoid the consequences.

VI. Relate words like "I", "Me", "Mine", "We". Use friendly language, like you are sharing an experience with your friend (I didn't tell to start with "Hey guys..what's up?"). Don't avoid self-references like "I suggest..", "I always insist on originality", "I have noted down these points to..", and much more. Be comfortable with such words as they are not arrogant, they seem to be a part of the way we talk. There is no need to make the article an informative essay. Instead, think it from a viewpoint as if you are giving an interview and you are asked about some opinion.Include your own or firm's reference...like "We don't want to see our clients at a loss..that day his site got crashed and we worked until morning to get it back on track".

VII. Make suspicious title: Asking questions like What, Why, How-to, etc. in the header or sub-headers arise curiosity among readers. A question consisting of listed number will also work out. Statistics prove that titles play a very major role in the viewer's decision in clicking the link."How to avoid..", "Want to attract more sales? Follow this 8 tips...." type questioning titles would lure readers to get through the site.

VIII. Images convey more meaning than words. An article with one or no image has rare chances to get spread. The human mind can interpret visuals 60,000X faster than text. Taking the advantage, adding (a few, do not exceed) relevant images into different portions of the post will add spice to it.Add memes. The human mind tends to get attracted where humor exists. They are liked by everyone and they are shared, too.

IX. Be interactive in comments. Luckily if you get thanked comments  or the one that asks you question or draws your attention to any area, reply them frankly. If people give you a green signal, cash in on the opportunity to make the communication intimate. (Do give me a chance here to do so :) ).

X. Make your staff person write the blog for their area of expertise. This way you can eliminate spending on bloggers. Plan a schedule for content writing and marketing, too. Besides their main responsibilities, they need to spare time for this time-demanding task. Scheduling is the must, at least one article every fifteen days.

Subscribe to free newsletters and articles to improve the vocabulary and stay abreast with the latest news. Reading periodicals, magazines and books can bring a gradual improvement in your language grip.(Could be a good time pass even ;) )

After exploring all avenues, do not depreciate the vast, contagious Social Media marketing. There are a lot of free universal platforms where people are searching for required commodities, services and solutions. There is no loss in leading them to the related page of your site. But some platforms consider it as self-promotion and can make actions against your profile in order of breaching their privacy policy. I always insist on reading the privacy policy before doing any kind of self-promotion.

3. About Us page - All your worthy stuff

No matter to what extent you beautify your website, up-bring the product pages and try to allure customers with offers, they always have a walk around your company pages. These are the essentials to gain the reliability of customer for why they opt for you rather than others.

It should be informative enough. The reader wants to know personally about your firm, complete the action by telling about your business. Give an authentic idea of your business- how you started and where it lead you today. You can be more informal by sharing your aim behind the business. Mention a glimpse of history if it's an interesting story. It’s all about being personal and revealing some behind the scene episodes.

Show about the colleagues and customers, too. They have a role in your foundation. "A business that earns no credit but money is a poor business". Specifically, if you are not going for separate customer testimonial and employee speaks pages, then this is the script where you need to involve their roles. Write in brief about your colleagues, their position. You can adorn it with any of your group pictures. Besides praising yourself, write about the experiences your customers had. this is the final thing where the readers can put all the trust. The reason is you, yourself are not saying all the up-and-high about yourself. It is your service- your clients approving it.

Overall, it should be quite informative- about the chief authorities, about your motto, about your colleagues' dedication and customers' admiration all over it. Avoid complex words and sentences, use friendly and way-like-you-talk approach.

Business is not about giving up. Mistakes are made to guide you, not define you. It proves that you are trying. One need to resist stubbornly and dig your heels in. Behind every upcoming business, there is a story worth knowing. All the brick and mortar stores and click and mortar e-Stores have burst out from the bit. If you want that certification, you'll have to work your tail off!

I want this to be a living list, and if I missed out any of your favorite points, do mention in comments. We appreciate your opinion.

Bhavika Khetani , Business Development Executive

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