10 Scary Mistakes you are committing with your eCommerce Business

Posted on 5 November, 2015

Festive season is approaching and eCommerce sites are booming like anything with their creative promotion techniques and designs. This Halloween proved a big deal for many of them who have listed a huge chunk of profits. But this is not the case with everyone, in fact, it is only the case with some of them, most of the eCommerce businesses that have freshly started or were doing well in previous seasons are not able to list profits this season. What is the reason? Why only some of them are able to make it big? Are you one of them whose Halloween dreams were shattered this season?

We have listed down some of the basic scary mistakes which an eCommerce businessman might commit which can easily drive away your eCommerce customers from you.

1. Outdated Design

The quote “First Impression is the Last Impression” is evergreen. Good design makes your visitor feel good, good design makes your business look good. With constant evolution in the field of web design and the effectiveness of the material design, if you still use a website which was designed in 2007, it is not going to work. To stand out from the crowd, you need to have a unique web design with a modern touch which your target audience will love and which will drag them to check out your website every day. It is also important for a website to be mobile friendly because most of the users are on mobile. With good design you also need to check the usability of it, it should look good as well as it should be user-friendly. In short, it should be light, informative and attractive. Don’t bombard your visitors with a lot of big pictures or videos which will take forever to load. Keep it Simple (I say this a lot). 

2. Faulty Checkout process

The checkout process is one of the KPI of the success of your eCommerce business. No one has time today; everyone wants to do everything in a flick. No one likes to waste time on the checkout process, people want to buy the products in a single touch without the merry go round process. Keep it simple (I said I say this a lot), only collect the minimum amount of required information and make the checkout process as short as possible. According to Baymard Institute, average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is as high as 69.53% and faulty checkout process is one the reasons for it. Keep the checkout process short, use social sign ups wherever possible and help your customers to buy your product just in a click.  

3. Faulty Shipping methods

Your shipping method also determines the rate of customer retention and the acquisition of new customers. Shipping method is one of the crucial points which establishes trust factor in the minds of customers. Some of the major shipping mistakes can be :

  • Insufficient shipping options
  • Wrong size package and packaging
  • Inefficient return management
  • No integration of website and supply chain

Provide the maximum amount of shipping options as possible to make it convenient for the customers. Use the right type of packaging and have an efficient return system. Using shipping method in an appropriate way can also be an amazing marketing strategy and can also help in increasing the Average Order Value of the purchase, providing promotional and free shipping is a bonus to the customers.

4. Single Payment method

Sometimes payment method is also the reason people don’t buy from a specific store. If you only have one payment method, you are surely going to lose a huge amount of customers. Not everyone is convenient with the payment method you provide. If you only have Paypal as the payment method, you are going to lose customers who are loyal to other payment gateways or where the Paypal is not used. In developing countries like India, people mostly prefer COD as the payment option, if you don’t provide that, you are definitely going to lose a huge amount of customers.

5. Faulty Pricing of products

The price of a product is the key factor affecting the demand of the product. Your pricing strategy should stand out from your competitors and every penny should be accountable. If you are selling a product in a high competition market, pricing plays an important role. Set competitive pricing by doing proper competitive price analysis. Some eCommerce store owner has the habit of setting their own price without proper market research; they usually end up setting higher prices than the market. The design of your website, the shipping options, the amount spent on marketing will not matter if the customer can find your product at lower rates elsewhere. 

6. Poor Quality of Product Image

Will you buy a product which has a poor image with low resolution and the details are not visible? NO! Will the product look attractive if there are kids playing in the background of the products or there are shadows or distortion? NO! Product image reflects what the product actually is; it makes the product and the website look attractive. It should reflect each and every aspect of the product with details and all the sides of the products should be covered. Product image should look professional enough, should possibly have a white background and should reflect the true picture of the product. If you have a poorly photographed product, it is not going to sell !

7. Poorly written Description

The product description is also as important as the product image. I come across a lot of website every day where the product description is very thin, it is not enough or it is duplicated. Some eCommerce store uses the same description for every product or the description is too short that it does not reflect the features of what product really is. The product description should be precise enough to cover all the features of the product, it should include your marketing copy to attract the customers and it should be unique enough to rank well on Search Engines. Poorly written descriptions are like ghosts of Halloween, they haunt your store till the end.

8. Lack of promotions

An eCommerce store should be active enough to attract visitors through promotional strategies. Promotions make customers coming back to the website. I have seen many eCommerce stores which have no promotions on their store (Yes, not even on Halloween), they just upload the product and forget it. Promotions are an essential part of any eCommerce store. If you don’t have a strategy for the coming holidays, make it now so that you can be ready for the next holiday season and not cry like a baby seeing others sell and make a fortune. 

9. Trust Score on the website

By trust score, I mean reviews which help customers to make the buying decision. If you have everything setup and you sell cool products with the most competitive rate but you don’t have reviews from the customers you will miss a good amount of customers. If you don’t have a review system, install it now. If you don’t have enough amounts of reviews, reach out to your customers and ask them to review their purchase. Build an effective review system which compels the customers to review their purchases. 

10. Poor marketing efforts

If you can’t do marketing by yourself don’t do it. I come across various eCommerce business owners who engage in the marketing of their store on their own when they don’t have a bit of an idea what is going on. This type of marketing efforts will not build up your brand; instead it will have a negative impact on your brand value. If you are not good at it, hire someone to do it for you and make the best out of it. It is also important for a business to have a strong social media presence and to stay in direct touch with their customers. I have also written a blog on the importance of Social Media for a business. Please check it out for details. It is rightly said that proper marketing efforts can turn table for a business. It can do it for you too. Select a proper marketing strategy and make it running.

These were some of the Scary mistakes you are committing with your eCommerce business. Identify where you are lacking and take proper follow up where ever needed. Don’t forget to share and comment your views. Also, comment other scary mistakes you have committed and have overcome. Happy holiday season ahead.

Shetul Majithiya , Senior Digital Marketing Executive

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