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Posted on 29 March, 2018

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs

When you start an online store, you take utmost care in choosing which products to sell, what sort of marketing strategies to implement and many other factors. A lot of those efforts will ensure that people come and visit your web store. But as a store owner, you want to convert these visitors into customers.

Converting casual browsers into committed customers requires a healthy sales funnel which is a key aspect of a successful eCommerce store. To convert a visitor into a customer, it is important to retain and attract them for maximum time.

There are many steps you can take in order to increase the conversion rate of your web store and web design is one of them. Web Design of your store is not just about its look and feel but about creating a user experience that converts your visitors into customers. In an eCommerce Conversion Funnel, the four important elements are:

Visitors who can navigate smoothly across these pages on an eCommerce store are likely to convert. Luceat eCommerce is carefully crafted keeping every minute detail into consideration while designing these pages. Take a look at how Luceat manages to attract and engage visitors and ensure that they become your customers.

Landing Page

First Impression is Last Impression. Landing Pages are the first thing that a visitor sees on your web store hence it is important to design them right. With Luceat, you can create competition-crushing landing pages. The clean and crisp design of landing pages created by Luceat ensures that your visitors don’t take their eyes off your web store. A perfect arrangement of text and images is easy to set up as you can simply drag and drop various design elements on the page. Product Carousel can be added to a landing page which fetches products dynamically from backend. In short, Luceat eCommerce does not disappoint you when you want to create high-converting landing pages.

Product Category Page

Once your visitor arrives on a product category page, he will be able to see the wide range of products on a single page. Not only this page has to be visually appealing but also convenient enough for the visitor to find what he wants. Luceat Product Category page looks neat and well organized creating a strong impression on your visitor. Features like Collapsible Category, Attribute Filter, Rating & Price Filter & Sorting ensure that your visitor does not have to waste any time to find the product he wants. Visitors can add a product to wishlist or quick view the product and add it to cart, right from the product page. All these features help your visitor move ahead smoothly with the purchase.

Product Page

In eCommerce, it is not just about how good your product is but also about what kind of user experience you create around your product. The product page of an eCommerce website plays a vital role in making or breaking the deal. Luceat Product Page is a perfect combination of outstanding clean design and convenience. When it comes to product images, visitors can see multiple images and also zoom into the image to get a better view of the product. Product Description is neatly arranged to make it readable whereas variant selection is also quite smooth.

With the help of cross-selling and up-selling features on the Product page, visitors get motivated to buy more. Luceat has a strategically designed powerful CTA. With the optimized color and placement of ‘Add to Cart’ button, it never fails to capture the attention of your visitor. Strategies like stock scarcity are implemented in Luceat wherein you can display the stock levels for a product and create a sense of urgency for your visitor.

Shopping Cart Page

Your visitor just clicked on ‘Add to Cart’ button and you think that you have taken care of the most difficult part. Well, Think again! Most visitors rethink their purchase decision after adding the product to cart. Hence for many eCommerce web stores, Cart Abandonment Ratio is quite high. Luceat Shopping Cart is specifically designed to minimize cart abandonment ratio and ensure that your visitor completes this last and final step. Since shopping cart is the gateway for your visitors to become customers, there are multiple places in Luceat from where a visitor can add a product to cart i.e. Product Page, Wishlist, Quick View and Shop the Look Page.

Visitors can edit item quantity, variants and access Shop My Look directly from the Cart Page. A simple yet very desirable ‘Apply Coupon’ Field is placed so that your visitors can avail discounts using coupon codes.  Neat Display of order summary, Clear progress level of check-out and a highlighting ‘Place Order’ button ensures that your visitor completes their purchase and turn into your customers.

Conversion rate is a very important factor for any business owner yet very few actually know how to take decisions that positively influences the conversion rate. Luceat eCommerce takes care of your web design in a manner that it contributes to your conversions so that you can focus on other important business aspects. Design of Luceat eCommerce is not just about providing features and making them look good but about understanding the psychology of visitors and make their shopping experience rich. If you still don’t believe it, go ahead and give it a try!

It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.

Arpit Sheth , Business Development Executive


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