How to not damage your business by choosing bad software

Posted on 7 February, 2017

In the last few years there has been major shifts in eCommerce industry. These shifts were caused mainly due to constantly evolving technology and its impact on consumer behavior. Every business owner sooner or later realizes that in order to sustain as well as grow in eCommerce industry, they have to embrace the concept of Multi-channel Selling.

The equation is simple, 

 More Channels = More Sales.

However there is one more equation that’s equally relevant,

 More Channels = More Challenges.

Multi channel Selling is a complex process and managing it is one of the biggest challenge every business owner faces. Initially when the business is small and things are simple, it is easy to manage everything manually with the help of spreadsheets. But as the business grows and sales channels increase, a new set of challenges are introduced.

Amongst these challenges, one that requires maximum attention is inventory synchronization. Manually updating stock levels on each and every sales channel is almost an impossible and highly error prone task. Managing orders from multiple channels is equally difficult when you do not have single view of all the orders received. Updating the product catalog of every marketplace individually and also for your own web store is very time consuming. Managing accounts & creating invoices can also be problematic when you do it for every individual channel separately. Apart from these challenges in Multi channel selling, you constantly struggle with handling customer relations, managing promotional offers, handling POS system of your retail store and the list goes on and on and on.It is an obvious fact that you can’t even imagine to manage all these business operations manually for a growing business. 

The most intuitive solution to address the challenges of Multi channel selling is to get softwares to manage all these business operations. Many business owners consider this to be an appropriate solution so they get an Inventory Management Software that synchronizes their inventory, an Order Processing System to handle and fulfill orders, a Catalog Management software to handle product catalogs for various channels, an accounting software, a software to manage POS system and so on. 

Depending upon the quality and efficiency of the software, it may get your work done for their respective domain. However all your business processes are interconnected and dependent on each other. So apart from working properly in their own domains, these softwares are required to share data, communicate and work well with each other. And that’s a major problem!

Isolated software systems do not work well with each other. That’s because they are not designed to integrate with other systems. And when you try to get these systems to work together, you end up wasting a lot of time on it and that takes away your focus from core business aspects. Even after that there you still struggle to run all business operations smoothly. Also initial cost of setting up each system plus its maintenance and upgradation fees proves to be extremely expensive and disrupts a company’s financial management.

Another major issue with using multiple isolated systems for your business operations is that the performance of an individual software affects the efficiency and performance of your overall system. So even if one of these isolated softwares malfunction or works in an ineffective manner, your entire business suffers which ultimately leads to bad customer experiences and an eventual negative impact on your sales and revenues. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Troubles don’t simply end here. Not only does the above inefficiencies cost you time and money, it massively hinders your growth. When multiple isolated systems try to patch things together in an inefficient manner, a company’s data analytics suffer badly. Not having a 360 degree view of all the business processes results in incomprehensive reports which affects your data driven decision making capabilities.

Fortunately there is a solution to tackle all of the above mentioned issues. In times when Multi channel selling is an absolute necessity for every business owner, eCommerce experts globally agree on one thing i.e. A Unified Multi Channel Enterprise eCommerce solution is the need of the hour. Business which choose to rely on these inefficient isolated systems suffer badly in the long run and almost vanish from the market. To sustain and to grow in these challenging times, every business owner must embrace a truly unified multi channel solution.

At Emipro, we have had the privilege of being the growth partners of various businesses of all sizes across many sectors. Having closely observed different businesses and their success stories, we can confidently say that one of the most fundamental eCommerce issue that hurts the growth of a business is choosing a bad software. Almost 2 out 3 companies that shakes hand with Emipro are businesses that have reached a stage where they have already tasted success. But unfortunately their growth is put on hold because of the outdated & isolated softwares they use. And for a business that has firmly grounded themself, having their growth put on hold is as bad as declining towards loss. Realizing the severity of this issue and with a motive to help growing business tackle these challenges effectively, Emipro decided to come up with a robust solution.

Luceat, an Enterprise eCommerce platform is designed and developed keeping in mind, the existing and future needs of the global eCommerce market. Luceat aims to solve all these issues by providing an all-in-one enterprise level solution to manage the entire business. Luceat includes all the systems mentioned above(Inventory management, Order Management, Catalog Management, POS Management, CRM, Accounting and much more) in a single unified environment.

Luceat helps you gain a competitive edge in the eCommerce market by taking care of all your important business operations and allowing you to focus on your core business. Say no to multiple isolated systems and stop hurting your business by making the wise decision of empowering your business with Luceat.

Arpit Sheth , Business Development Executive


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