7 Stunning Design Elements in Luceat eCommerce

Posted on 7 February, 2017

First Footsteps towards eCommerce

After a loooooooong duration of planning, finally you have made up your mind to start an eCommerce business. You may be feeling a mixture of emotions at this point: excitement, impatience and...confusion. You are confused because now you have to choose the most perfect eCommerce platform that can bring your awesome business idea to reality. Obviously you go to google and search terms like ‘best ecommerce platform’ or ‘create online store’ and so on. 

The result? More confusion!

You are bombarded with a seemingly endless list of what claim to be ‘the best’ ecommerce platform for your business. They all look the same to you, so you just can’t really figure out who to trust. Phew! Quite a tough task isn’t it?

The decision that you make at this point is extremely crucial to your business growth so I would advice you go through the blog, ‘Enterprise eCommerce: How to shape the story of your growth’ before you take your first footsteps towards eCommerce business.

Luceat eCommerce

Luceat is an Enterprise eCommerce platform. What sets Luceat apart from other eCommerce platforms is the fact that it is built keeping each and every small and big nuances of an entire eCommerce business in mind.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at 7 stunning design elements of Luceat eCommerce that makes it an irresistible choice for you. So let’s dive in.

1. Drag & Drop Website Builder

Want to build an attractive web store without any coding skills? Luceat makes it possible. With the help of Luceat’s Drag & Drop Website Builder, you can easily create splendid landing pages in a well designed manner. Various content elements like Text, Image Gallery, Featured Categories, Offers, Carousel etc. can be added with the simplicity of dragging and dropping. Editing text is as easy as doing it in a word processor. And the best part, you can do all this from the front end of your web store in real-time directly from your web browser.

2. Mobile & IPad Friendly

It is more likely that your online store will be accessed more and more through Mobile phones, Ipad or similar devices compared to traditional desktops. So if you’re online store doesn’t look equally stunning on all the devices, it will be a major setback for you. But don’t Luceat has got you covered on this aspect.

Luceat enables you to create stunning Mobile Responsive eCommerce Design and provides your users a seamless navigation across your web store. Fonts & Images are automatically resized, videos shrink and multiple columns stack vertically to create a smooth browsing experience. Every single screen on Luceat is optimized to look perfect on any and all devices. 

3. Product Category

Category Page is one of the most important pages of your web store. The overall look and feel of your Product Category page determines the level of interest your visitor takes in looking for products on your web store. Luceat offers you a Product Category Page that is visually appealing as well as functionally convenient.

Luceat Filters

When you offer a wide range of products on your web store, it is important that you provide a way for your visitors to quickly find something they are looking for. Every eCommerce website has filters on product category page yet very few are actually designed to be convenient for shoppers. Luceat offers different types of filters on product category page that makes it super easy for your visitors to navigate on your web store.

Quick View

While browsing through your product category page, if a shopper chooses to view product details of a particular product without going to the product page, Luceat makes it possible. Luceat provides a Quick View feature and when a shopper clicks on Quick View it opens a pop-up window right from the product category page at lightning fast speed. Shopper can view product details and add the product to cart or wish list from the Quick View and go back to browsing the product category without any interruption.

4. Product Details

Products you sell are the basic building blocks of your eCommerce business. All your efforts are directed towards increasing the sales of these products. So the Product Details page on your web store is one of the most important element. With Luceat you can create attractive Product Details Page that encourages your shopper to purchase it right away.

Luceat offers a neatly designed Product Details page that looks very appealing to your shoppers as well as provides many important functionalities. You can create certain variants for products like size, color etc. and can also select custom pricing for different variants of a same product. Luceat displays real time stock information in your online store which makes it easy for you to manage inventory. Showing multiple images for a single product and zooming them when a shopper clicks on the image is quite a basic functionality that Luceat offers. A configurable size guide can assist your shoppers to find a product that’s fit for them. 

Insufficient product details on the product page can be a deal breaker. Luceat ensures it doesn’t happen by providing highly customizable way of adding product description on your Product Details page. Luceat helps you offer suggested products or alternatives on your product page which can really help you boost your sales by getting your shopper to purchase more. Showing recently viewed items to your shopper will make them come back to that product page again. Nothing influences your shopper’s purchase decision more than a product review on Product Details page. Luceat equips you with a highly user friendly product review section on your product page.

5. Shop My Look

eCommerce is all about displaying right product at the right time. Luceat introduces a unique feature, ‘Shop My Look’, to ensure that your customers are offered a complete set of appropriate suggestions they are likely to buy.

With the help of Shop My Look feature, cross-selling and up-selling products becomes super easy and highly effective. When a visitor clicks on ‘Shop My Look’ for a particular product they are redirected to Shop My Look page where they find 2 main section. On one side, your visitor is offered a list of similar products to the one they already like and on the other side, they are offered complimentary products like accessories that will match well with the product they have selected. Any of these suggested product can be directly added to cart from Shop My Look page. You can easily configure the ‘Shop My Look’ feature in back end of Luceat.

6. Wishlist

Scroll Scroll Scroll LIKE Scroll Scroll LIKE LIKE Scroll. Sounds familiar? This is one of the most common ways we browse through social media and also through eCommerce product catalogs. When shoppers see a product that they like, they do not quickly make a purchase decision, instead they choose to save the product somewhere which they can view later and hopefully decide to buy. Luceat Wishlist accomplishes this task for you.

When someone visits your web store, whether they are a registered user or a guest, they can add any product to wishlist. A shopper can add as many items they like to wish list and when they choose to view their wish list, a vertical toggle slider opens up listing all the items of the wishlist. Whether it is a Category Page, Product Page, Quick View of any Product or at Recently viewed items, your shopper can add their desired products quickly into wishlist that too staying in the same section where they are. When a shopper adds a product to wishlist from one tab of the browser, and checks it in a different tab, the item gets automatically updated without requiring to refresh the page. Also a shopper can quickly add a product to cart right from the wishlist. So all in all, Luceat wishlist ensures that your shoppers have a total flexibility of making the purchase decision whenever they want without letting them forget what they like.

7. Shopping Cart

A shopper spends considerable amount of time to select the product, we cannot expect him to go through tedious checkout process which takes forever to complete. Every checkout starts with Shopping cart, if a shopper feels that it is full of complications he will abandon the purchase. Luceat promises a secure, fast and hassle free check out with this full-featured shopping cart.

Luceat provides a shopping cart that can be viewed from any page. Shopper can add to cart the product they like from Product page, Quick View, Wishlist & Shop my look page. With ‘Apply Coupon’ section on the Cart page, you can set exciting promotional codes at backend and let your shopper apply the coupon code to avail the offer. Luceat offers a clean design of the Shopping Cart which is critical to reducing the Cart Abandonment rate. Luceat Shopping cart lets your shopper to edit item quantity and variants of the product they have added, remove product, check stock availability and access Shop My Look feature. Luceat ensures that your shoppers can check-out quickly in a hassle free manner.

Luceat is a powerful Enterprise eCommerce platform that very well fulfills the needs of your present while ensuring your growth in the future. The above features of Luceat eCommerce is just a small glimpse into its complete awesomeness. Keep reading more Luceat Blogs to stay updated.

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