Navoco's Colossal Leap into the European Organic Products Market

Posted on 20 June, 2018


Navoco, one of the fastest growing businesses in the whole of Germany, sells natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics in the European market. Love and concern for nature and the environment were what got them into the business of bioproducts. Being die-hard nature lovers, they decided to deal with nature-friendly products, something that would not harm nature but result in sustainability. Realizing the power and benefits of usage of natural products, they got into almost every section including natural cosmetics, food and drink, nature drugstore, mother and child products, and organic supplements. 

What Did They Pursue? 

Like any other business, Navoco aimed to maximize sales of the organic products it supplied. 

With the primary aim of covering up maximum people in Germany in minimum time and limited resources, they got their ball rolling with Google AdWords. Gradually, they aimed to expand in multiple countries.

We believe that growing your business is our business and with this client too, we had to make sure that their business thrives making it a win-win for both of us. 

What Did They Require? 

It was in the last quarter of 2016 that Navoco approached us with the idea of selling their products online. They wanted us to start and carry their business forward and wanted to us to carry the following tasks:

  • Dynamic product pages
  • Automated SEO and SEO friendly pages
  • Advanced marketing functions
  • A unique UI with a mobile-optimized design
  • A fast and simple checkout 
  • A marketing plan to gain the initial traction. 
  • Ability to handle huge traffic

Hardships We Encountered: 

There are highs and lows in any business and sometimes, hindrances are what helps a company grow. Navoco had their share like every other business which includes: 

  • Handling and bifurcating a huge product database
  • Scaling with a limited human resource on the team.
  • Pricing challenge as Navoco was just starting out.
  • Selling across multiple countries in multiple languages.
  • Designing SEO friendly website that could handle huge traffic.

Emipro In Action! 

Action is the most exciting phase in any project because that's when we get to ascertain if our plan and actions are in sync. After figuring out the requirements and hardships, it was time to get started.  

Technical Tasks

Magento, eCommerce CMS was what conjoined Navoco and Emipro. When customers’ needs and preferences change in the blink of an eye, Magento is what can help you keep up with them. Being the most customizable eCommerce platform, it helps fulfill all the business objectives and stay at the top. With a few specific requirements, Navoco required a flexible platform and Magento was the solution. This flexibility led Navoco to opt for Magento and they wanted us to build it all from scratch. 

With an enormous product base of 5000 products and the future plan of covering the market worldwide, an easy-to-operate website was a necessity. So, we began with bifurcating the product base and designing a mobile-optimized website in a manner that it becomes easy for the users to navigate and browse.

We came up with an idea of building a different brand page because Navoco had tied up with numerous brands. Apart from that, with such a huge product base, having an advanced search for the website was important. Other elements like easy and filtered navigation, action-inducing CTA’s, and simple checkout were incorporated in order to make the website well-accessible. Collectively, these formed a happy shopping experience for customers.

So our designing experts came up with different UI designs keeping in mind these pointers. With mutual decisions, we finally came up with a website design ready. 

To make things easier and flowy for Navoco, the use of an ERP was quite necessary so we suggested them ERP to automate things. Emipro implemented Odoo for them and connected their system with their 3PL and suppliers. So whenever an order is placed, it is directly passed on to the logistics and purchase orders are sent to the suppliers. Currently, everything is automated for Navoco and manual tasks have lessened. 

Marketing Tasks

Gaining the trust of customers and permeating in the market of bioproducts was the most important task. We decided to start with good offers on products to attract them. We were certain that this idea would favor us and some necessary efforts for reaching the apt customers will surely hype up the business. The website design and the huge product base was responsible big time for the trust we were earning. The product information and some certificates attached bolstered the credibility of the products. Various trustmarks made the site appear legit and customers plunged in to get the products. 

The website design and the huge product base was responsible big time for the trust customers were putting into us. The product information along with some certificates attached, which bolstered the credibility of the products. Various trustmarks made the site look more legit and customers plunged in to get the products. 

From deciding the competitive prices of the products to deciding the offers and deals, social media networking to Search engine optimization, partnering with other websites to Advertising via wizards like AdWords, we did not leave any stone unturned.

A Touch Of Quirk! 

We decided not to overlook the order success page and not make it an epitome of a cliche.  We wanted our customers to return back to us so we decided to try something cute, something unavoidable.


From day 1, we have been with Navoco guiding them with their eCommerce strategies and we have seen it grow. A massive customer base in a year was an achievement for them as well as for us. 

Navoco had to take care of the core business activities including quality products, timely deliveries, and satisfactory customer services and they did their job. The rest of the tasks from technical tasks to marketing strategies was our job. We endeavored to help them become a prominent brand in Germany. We are still with them and we hope to make it even bigger in bioproducts and organic market. 

Rajal Barbhaya , Content Marketer

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