For Payless Decor, Time Was The Essence!

Posted on 29 June, 2018


With a strong inclination towards home decor, Payless Decor was initiated in 2002 by its owner. Partnering with skilled artisans, they aimed to provide the best quality and durable products, prioritizing their customers. They had a goal of expanding their retail business with a loyal customer base. They were passionate about helping their customers decorate their homes and offices and making the place more special and warmer. 

What Did They Pursue? 

While dealing with curtains, factors like the type of material, the size and types of curtains are important. When there are 100 combinations available for each and every product, having a system which makes it easy for customers to select the curtain with accurate pricing and prompt loading time is necessary. When people have a hard time purchasing curtains online, Payless Decor wanted to make the shopping of curtains easy and reliable with an easy-to-operate website. 

What Did They Require? 

Payless Decor was expanding gradually and with that, their product base was increasing too.  More products called for a better and flexible platform where there were more custom options possible. Magento 2 was their solution and they decided to migrate to Magento 2. 

Also, they required a well-designed eCommerce store for their business with an excellent UI/UX which can take care of all the customer requirements relating to the purchases of the products. They required a highly dynamic product page comprising of elements like Mount, Color, Edge banding color, lift cord, liner etc. and all these with dynamic pricing. 

Hardships We Encountered: 

With Payless Decor, time was the essence. We knew that a bunch of their important tasks were to be done in a limited time so that itself was a challenge. We endeavored:

  • Programming custom option for the website.
  • Minimizing the loading time of selected features with dynamic pricing 
  • Managing of the custom option after programming of the same. 

Emipro In Action! 

While Payless Decor wanted us to migrate their website to Magento 2, it was important for us to not let them down and get their thing done within the specified time limit. Migrating a website on Magento 2 is complicated because even a minor mistake can cause loss of important data. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got going with the same. 

Their priority was to have a custom option for all the products. When the business has products which take various characteristics into consideration, it is important that the prices of those products load correctly in the least loading time. We programmed that custom code which got the website running perfectly. 

Also, after migration, it was important to design a web page which was easy to navigate and had an awesome UX. An optimized page was an important factor too so we took care of the placements of the elements are correct. Trustmark was something which could gain the trust of the customers so placing them on the homepage helped. To their surprise,  with simple but attractive theme and design, we got their website live in 5 with no faults and errors. The task which was to be done in 2.5 months was done in 50 days. 

Apart from the technical tasks, we assisted them a bit in marketing tasks. With their Adwords account already made, we optimized the campaigns and monitored the same in order to maintain the pace of growth. SEO was one important factor which we took into consideration and ensured if the site had important elements which could help in better ranking the page. 


Myself Seth Roseman, CEO of We wanted to put on a totally new website in Magento and we were looking for someone who could help us with that. Fortunately, we met Emipro technologies and found it quite staunch. We decided and started our work with them. We began by presenting our project requirements and the project was to be completed in 2 and half months time. Emipro came up with an action plan in no time and we must say they help us implementing the solutions very quickly. The team is fabulous, project management is precise and testing is also excellent. The thing we appreciate the most is the way they communicate with their clients and even listen to their requirements. Basically, we want to say about Emipro technologies is that they are really adequate about their work and we highly recommend Emipro to them who want any project or task completion in Magento. 


Payless Decor was sure that we have their back and they relied on us for certain important tasks. With consistent efforts and ‘doing even better’ attitude, we improvised and gave our best to help Payless Decor perform the best possible. We have seen Payless Decor grow and prosper and we would be glad to see them grow at an even better pace.

Rajal Barbhaya , Content Marketer

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