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Posted on 25 June, 2018


Beneo s.r.o was started by a passion-driven man with a goal to make it big, not with just one business but with multiple businesses. Established in 2008, Beneo s.r.o. started with chocolate fountains, and they currently deal with dispenser, popcorn maker and electric kids ride-on as a producer, importer, retailer and wholesaler in the European market.

What Did They Pursue? 

When BeneoShop came in touch with Emipro, there were 11 different websites, all managed from a separate platform. They had enough products and enough suppliers but somehow, it was proving difficult to manage all those websites and reach the customers. All they pursued was to provide superior quality products with the best services and make BeneoShop a brand everyone would know and trust. 

What Did They Require? 

Basically, BeneoShop had everything that a business requires, the only thing missing was streamlining of operations. They had a lot to be managed. Being specific, they required:

  • A unified system to manage their whole business (ERP)
  • Strategies to bring in customers and boost sales and conversion rates.
  • Managing and strategizing PPC campaigns and SEO tasks.
  • An eCommerce store which can cater to direct customers as well as wholesale customers.
  • An attractive website with multi-store option to sell in different countries with dynamic pricing and shipping rates.

Hardships We Encountered: 

Challenges are what help a business grow and strengthen. BeneoShop encountered challenges like:

  • Building a brand in a crowded market.
  • Managing the websites of multiple countries considering the pointers like multiple currency and warehouses while unifying them in a manner that eases the management. 
  • Migrating data from their previous platform to Magento. 
  • Complex migration of the older URL’s to Magento. 

Emipro In Action 

‘You grow, we grow’ is what we believe and in order to grow, we had to begin. 

Technical Tasks 

Because BeneoShop already had their websites developed on Magento 1, they just wanted us to improvise their websites. Loading speed was the first thing which needed improvement. So we elevated the loading speed of their website including product pages. Along with improving their website, we optimized their product pages so that placement of product images, product details and CTA’s was apt. Safety and security of customers’ information were important so right placements of trustmarks at right places was taken care of.

BeneoShop wanted to establish a presence in different countries so we even built them multiple stores for multiple countries so that the tasks following that become easy. The sales on BeneoShop stabilized, the management of websites was a mess. So we finally migrated those websites from separate platforms to Magento 2 in order to unify them. 

The URLs on the previous platform had complex structures but they already ranked good on Google. So we had to make easier URL structures and ensure that the new URLs rank even better on Google. 

Although we unified those websites on Magento 2, we still had to manage the inventory, purchase and sales reports and other data individually for each website and that was time-consuming. So, we decided to connect the whole business to Odoo which managed multiple things like inventory management, shipping procedures, sales reports, order processing, and other such tasks. 

Marketing Tasks

For BeneoShop, we initiated with marketing strategies. BeneoShop had considerable manpower as well as a good product base. So initially, marketing was the only and an important requirement.  
We started with Google AdWords, the most prominent online advertising platform. Establishing a presence in various countries called for a separate website for each region. We had to ensure that there were ads separately made for each region helping us target the customers accurately. 

On social media, beginning with making a brand page, we consistently strived and updated it with attractive product images along with apt and accurate information and product videos. We then focussed on Facebook ads and optimized those in order to bring in the right audience. Back in 2016, we had the benefit of a targeted audience at cheaper rates. Because Facebook ads were not that prominent during 2016, we had good chances to bring in the leads. With a huge number of active social media users, we were sure about the traffic which we were going to attract. 

Apart from advertising, SEO was one important factor which was going to affect the ranking of the website and because we did not want to miss an opportunity to bring in the customers, we undertook all the tasks which formed SEO. We even opted for email marketing during the festivals and to our surprise, we witnessed a good CTR. 

When there were already a huge number of businesses moving online, it made more sense to make a presence on various marketplaces. As online marketplaces would give better exposure to BeneoShop and their other websites, they began selling on online Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, Darty, Rue de commerce and Priceminister and many more. 

All these efforts collectively brought us an important outcome: a loyal customer base. 

A Touch Of Quirk 

Sometimes, even the simplest of solutions bridge wide gaps if executed aptly. 

A drawback for BeneoShop was that most customers could not assemble the electric cars, in spite of the instruction booklet we sent. So we decided on making a video showing how to assemble the parts. This video got approx 1 million views. 


With our consistency and constant efforts, we ensured that the management of BeneoShop was eased. We have targeted and achieved a 100% growth for BeneoShop year by year and a constant rise in the customer base. There was a 14% growth rate in the overall customer base and a 105% increase in conversion rates. 

BeneoShop has achieved tremendous growth and we have collectively worked hard to get what we aspired for. We look forward to continuing with them and make BeneoShop even bigger. 

Rajal Barbhaya , Content Marketer

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