What Should You Consider While Shopping for Jewelry Online?

Posted on 21 February, 2019

Online jewelry is no more a new thing and in fact, it has become commonplace. The myths that jewelry cannot be bought online have almost diminished and people are heeding the benefits of buying jewelry online. The online jewelry market has advanced more than ever and it seems that it will capture even a bigger share of the market in the years to come. With numerous benefits of online shopping, there are certain points which need to be considered while shopping for jewelry online. Though the websites leave no stone unturned to prove their authenticity, it is better to be safe than sorry. 


While purchasing a luxury like jewelry, ascertaining that you get the best value of your money is obvious. Jewelry is a touch-and-feel product and so people usually preferred to buy jewelry from a brick and mortar store. But while shopping for jewelry online, you cannot touch and feel it. This might play a role in unsurety about the authenticity of the product. So certifications and hallmarks are what play a role there. You can ask for the hallmarks and certificates from the jewelers and go through the details including the issuing authority in order to confirm the authenticity of the product. 

SSL Certification

You need to ensure if the website is SSL Certified to ensure secured sessions with the browser. SSL certificate facilitates tracking the details of any transactions. Because jewelry is a high priced item, you surely do not want to be a victim of some fraudulent activity. So before buying jewelry online, ensure that the website is SSL certified. Any website which is SSL certified starts with ‘https’.

Return Policies

Whenever you buy jewelry online, ensure that you go through the details about the shipping and return policies. Usually, any jewelry website has a 30-day return policy with terms and conditions applied. There are websites who have really flexible return and shipping policies. However, these policies depend from seller to seller. So keeping a check on the returns and shipping is a must while shopping for jewelry online. 

Contact Details

Ensure that the contact details that are mentioned are enough. Usually, a seller who is genuine would mention all the details including the phone number, email id and the address of the store. If the details mentioned on the website are not enough, then you need to cross check if the site is genuine or not.

Online chat support

These days, most of the websites offer online chat support. The probability of having questions concerning the product is a no brainer. In case of any queries, while shopping jewelry online, you can look for the online chat support and get your queries solved the same time.

Price break up

The prices of any jewelry piece depend on multiple factors like the metal, diamonds(if any), stones (if any), making charges and other taxed. The prices of these vary frequently because of the changes in metal rates so assure that the price calculation is accurate and correct. 

Considering the product details

It may be stating the obvious but going through the details while shopping jewelry online is a must. In the case of designer jewelry, consider viewing the product images and the videos to get an accurate idea about the dimensions of the product and how will it look to avoid going through the troubles of returns. Besides, consider checking the purity and the type of metal and diamonds. On the delivery of your product, ensure that the product details and the product received validate each other. 


Because jewelry shopping involves a considerable investment, you need to be careful while shopping for it online. However, the above-mentioned points are not something that only customers should take care of. It is the utmost responsibility of the sellers too to ensure building an authentic and reliable jewelry website in order to gain and retain the trust of the customers.

Rajal Barbhaya , Content Marketer


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