How to Set Up a Successful Online Jewelry Store - Important Processes & Teams

Posted on 4 January, 2019

Online jewelry websites seem all things attractive but it's more like easier said than done. When you dive in deeper to know about the management of an online website, you find numerous factors that need to be considered while selling your stuff online. For setting up an online jewelry store, you need to be particular about the tasks you perform. Jewelry being a plush product calls for meticulousness and it demands efforts from separate teams. Below mentioned is a part of setting up an online jewelry website and making it successful.


Just like there are certain processes to be taken care of for offline jewelry stores, setting up an online jewelry website too calls for some processes which are important. In the case of online stores, your website is the first and only place a customer visits, so it has to be perfect and it should offer what your customers want. Jewelry is a luxury and buying jewelry online is still a big deal for shoppers. So when you set up an online jewelry store, you need to heed the below-mentioned processes. 

Collection of Product Data

Products are the core of any online website. Jewelry is a product with multiple attributes and when you sell it online, you display it in form of data. While shopping for jewelry online, customers expect each and every detail about the products. These details need to be input in a CSV sheet which needs to be later updated in the backend. The list of details to be included in CSV is endless. Below mentioned are a few points to be included in the CSV:

  • Product Name
  • SKU
  • Metal Color
  • Metal Carat
  • Metal Weight
  • Diamond Quality 
  • Diamond Shape
  • Ring Size
  • Incremental Weight for Rings/Bangles
  • An increment in Ring Size/Bangle Size

  • High definition product images & 360-degree video

Setting Up an Online Jewelry Store

An online website dwells on certain elements may it be any product. Together, these factors make an online website and missing out on a single factor might cost you losses. So keeping a check on these points is a must. 

  • Attractive product designs
  • Product categories enlisted in the main menu
  • Clear and appealing product images
  • High-quality product videos
  • Apt product description
  • A detailed description of the pricing
  • Trusted payment gateway
  • Certification seals
  • Minimum page loading time
  • 100% SEO friendly
  • Mobile responsive
  • Instinctive navigation 
  • Convenient UX and UI
  • Build your own jewelry[Solitaire Ring, Pendant, Earrings]
  • 100% transparent price 

The list of features does not end here. There is much more to it that you can explore to enhance the functioning of your online jewelry store.  

Streamlining and Speeding Up the Jewelry Manufacturing Processes

  • Usage of the latest technology in manufacturing to save time
  • Maintenance of the quality of the finished products 
  • Ensuring that the product shown on the website and the product manufactured is exactly the same

Set Up Logistic Process for Fast Product Delivery 

Making the product reach safely to your customer is an important element of any online business especially the luxuries. As safety and security are the major concerns in the case of online jewelry shopping, partnering with the right logistics company is important and it is necessary that the logistics company ticks all the right boxes for you. While considering the logistics partner, consider the following:

  • Deciding on the apt logistic company for domestic and international shipment
  • Deciding on an automatic custom duty payment process for international shipment so that customers do not face issues


A successful jewelry eCommerce store is a result of the amalgamation of different teams working towards one goal. Each team has a role to play and that role determines the working of the whole process. Along with the tasks in the teams internally, clear communication and coordination amongst the teams is the key. 

Jewelry Designing Team

  • Design analysis considering the latest market trends and consumer preferences
  • Updated jewelry designs in the design catalog after design analysis

Jewelry Manufacturing Team

  • Organized and planned process so that the finished products can be ready within 3-4 days for delivery 

IT Development Team

  • Considering the software development tasks for a smoother flow of the processes and better coordination between the same
  • Consistent management and maintenance of the website 

Digital Marketing Team

  • The team should be consistent in analyzing the user behavior in order to keep a check on what works and what does not.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO and Google Ads
  • SMS and Email marketing
  • Newsletter marketing

Website Management Team

  • Management of the backend of the eCommerce website
  • Management of the product data on the website
  • Synchronizing the stock of online and offline stores whenever there are any sales
  • Coordination between different teams
  • Continuous research for new offers
  • Keeping updated with competitors’ websites to keep up with the trends

Logistics Team

  • Finished product to be picked up the same day it gets manufactured by the responsible team
  • Fast and secure shipping for the domestic and international area
  • Deciding on an automatic custom duty payment process for international shipment so that customers do not face issues. Some of the trusted logistics companies are vamaship, sequelglobal, fedex, and delhivery 

Website Support Team

  • Availability of the website team 24*7 to respond to the customers on the live chat on the website and contact no. 
  • Proficiency in different languages of the team member who is supposed to communicate with the customers
  • Support team’s comprehensive knowledge about the products and services offered by the websites in order to convey the correct information to the customer and lead to conversions
  • The support team should be well aware of the details regarding new jewelry, custom jewelry, discount, shipment, the status of his order, return, buyback, payment related questions, etc.


As I stated earlier, setting up an online jewelry store is not a cakewalk and definitely not instant money generating way. But once you set it up and indulge in constant updation, you are sure to roll in some big money.

At Emipro, we have a dedicated team for jewelry website development and marketing which strives to keep in touch with the latest eCommerce trends. If you are looking forward to building an online jewelry website, we'll gladly guide you with the experience we have. So talk to us for further details. 

Rajal Barbhaya , Content Marketer


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