How To Future-Proof Your Magento eCommerce Store?

Posted on 10 October, 2018

With technology and trends transitioning often, the eCommerce has evolved to unimaginable levels and does not seem to stop soon. There are a plethora of platforms for eCommerce stores and am quite sure those who have an eCommerce store, which almost every company has, are aware of the Magento platform. With the flexibility of this platform, the probability of empowering your store becomes enormous and extensions elevate it even more. When everyone wants to stay ahead of the competition, the advanced options make all the difference and a few of those extensions become a must when you want your eCommerce store to excel.

The Onset of Immersive Reality!

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the next successors of the digital world. An era of AR and VR has already begun and the future is obvious. These technologies are diminishing the difference between real and virtual by enabling the customers to have an experience synonymous with reality. 

Virtual Reality is something that integrates reality and technology, ultimately helping people make better decisions so it is like experiencing things through your computers which aren’t real but help you get a view like real and Augmented Reality is enforcing a view of a virtual object into the real world to determine if the object adapts to the environment or not. 

AR and VR will be all the rage even though it has not been too explored but it has already set foot in the market and it will change how things will be done. It will change the way brands will tell their stories, customers will shop the products, students will get their lessons and companies will do their businesses. It will take the world to a completely new level helping them avail the perks of technology.

Because this technology is the future, the Magento eCommerce stores are advancing into apps and extensions with functionalities considering technology trends. TryItLive Virtual Try-On For Magento 2 is one such extension designed to transform your store into a virtual one.

Empower Your Filters and Search

With websites flooding all over the internet, customers have unlimited options to buy products from. Considering this, the websites are becoming more customer oriented and the competition is soaring so high that no company wants to let go of any of their customers. There are multiple solutions which enable you to have advanced filters and accurate searches on your website. These filters make it easier for your customers to find what they want in no time. 

Advanced filters are powerful enough to make a difference and they’ll catch hold of the customers’ attention because they help fulfill the customers’ end objective - finding what they want.

While sorting the filters out, you must ensure that the filters you provide are easy to select and it eases the customer’s shopping. That entails the number of filters on your website. Ensure that the filters on your store are just right wrt the products you sell and not more or less. A perfect example with enough filters is the Macy’s store. The filters it has enhances the customer experience to a greater extent. While setting up the filters for any online website, ensuring that the filters work together and not against each other. 

Fast Shipping and Better Logistics

49% of shoppers say that same day delivery makes them more likely to shop online. 

With the best technology advancements, the supply chain and logistics have improvised to the extent that customers receive their orders on the same day or within hours. Standard delivery options of your products being delivered at your doorstep are still prevalent but the eCommerce giants have leveled their game and they have made possible same day delivery. 

Majority of customers cite that delivery time is the factor that they consider while shopping online. Along with faster shipping, the customer also expects accurate and clear tracking of their purchases. Customer oriented and better delivery services have begun to be a matter of concern for many the eCommerce stores and they have initiated making their delivery services faster with no delivery charges. 

Voice Search Will Revolutionize SEO

Voice search will be the gen-next’s way of searching on Google. Andrew Ng, then Chief Scientist at Baidu stated in Sept.2014 in an interview that in 5 years’ time,  at least 50% of all searches are going to be either through images or speech. Because of the desire to get things done instantly, voice search, one of the latest technology trends, is being adopted by the people. Loading speed of any page plays a major role and it is no different for voice search. For voice search, the average loading speed must be half the time of a web browser. The intent of the customers for voice search is instancy and you need to ensure that the voice search on your store works perfectly. 

Voice Search for Magento 2 is a ready-to-use extension developed by us with multiple functionalities in accordance with the latest digital media trends. So if you have your store built on Magento, we're sure our extension will enhance your eCommerce store and help you attract the right traffic. 

Progressive Web Apps

PWA, abbreviated form of Progressive Web Apps is a step even further. Just like mobile apps replaced web browsers, PWA’s will replace mobile apps. These are basically a combo of mobile website and native apps. So they are a look-alike of native apps with all the options easily accessible and they have the functionality of mobile websites. 

The best thing about these apps is that they do not need an internet connection to work. Even with the low-speed internet, these apps work lightning fast. Along with this, these apps do not need to be installed but directly download them on your phone within no time. With the fast loading speed and enhanced user experience, these apps increase the user engagement affecting your sales positively. 


The above-stated points were just glimpses of what your Magento eCommerce store needs to have in order to optimize and scale the business to augment the quality traffic and sales. Apart from these, there are extensions in the market which are developed to create a win-win for the customers as well as admins. 

Rajal Barbhaya , Content Marketer


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