eCommerce Order Success Page – Secret Weapon for Repeat Sales

Posted on 27 September, 2019

If you are into eCommerce, you have worked really hard on optimizing every click on the checkout so that you get the least abandonment rate and more revenue out of every customer. Once a customer clicks the checkout button and enters their financial information, you feel like you have won a battle.

I have been there, and I know the feeling. Wooing the customers with attractive offers, impressing them with a beautifully designed website, funneling them through a well-optimized checkout and finally convincing them to purchase, it is nothing less than a victory.

But before you go celebrating, let me break this to you. If you stop at this step, the victory is half-won.

(Drumrolls) Enters the order success page

Order success page is the most overlooked part of an eCommerce store. It is ignored because the customer has already placed the order, and you have completed your goal. But will you spend money every time to acquire the customer who is already yours? 

Order success page is a golden opportunity to make a first time customer to a lifelong customer. 

A simple greeting or a beautiful message at the end of the purchase can go a long way. It not only helps us to make repeat sales, it leaves an everlasting impression which adds to the goodwill of the company and helps to build the brand.

As a human, we expect something more than just an acknowledgment. So the ‘We have received your order’ never works, it should be something which shows a sense of gratitude and security.

How to Generate repeat customers/new customers with the help of order success page?

1. Include Social Share buttons

A user who has already completed the purchase has more chances of sharing your store with their friends than a normal user. He placed the order because he found your store trustworthy and won’t mind sharing your store with their friends if it is coupled with a discount coupon. This will help you reach more people for free and get more orders for free.

When a person whom we trust shares something he trusts, we immediately start trusting that thing even though we have never tried it. That’s how we work. Sharing can be in the form of sharing the purchase or sharing your whole store; it depends on the type of products you sell. Whatever you do, don’t forget to include social sharing buttons on the order success page.

2. Surprise them

Your customers won’t remember you if you are ordinary and like everyone else. If you are just starting out with your store, you might want to create a good first impression and make people remember you. How do you exactly make people remember you? Show them something unusual which they might not expect on an order success page, like cute pictures of cats, dogs or a funny meme.

Imagine yourself going to a fancy party where everyone is dressed up nicely, would you remember the person who wore the Kiton suit or the person who came up in a yellow tee and shorts. The point is not to look cheap but stand out in a way which evokes positive sentiments and be remembered for something unique.

The above order success page I made for a client is working like a charm with the 2 cute dogs prompting people to share.

3. Product Suggestions

Suggesting useful products at the end of the checkout process shows that you are paying attention. Showing cross-sales product at the end of the purchase cycle helps in selling more. For example, if a customer has bought a mobile phone from your store, you can show them mobile covers at the end because they are ultimately going to need it. This will boost customer satisfaction as they will be able to buy everything from 1 place.

When using product suggestions, make sure that you show related products and not any other products. If you show random products, customers will just ignore it.

4. Order Review

Order review on the order success page is as ignored as the order success page itself. Order review on the order success page shows the list of products a customer has purchased and there was no mistake or any missed out product, it also shows the estimated time products will be delivered and the payment method customer selected. 

Order review shows the transparency of your store and helps in increasing the level of satisfaction which can result in repeat sales.

5. Purchase experience review

Reviews are an important part of every eCommerce store. It gives feedback to the store owner about what customers actually think about their stores, and positive reviews also work as a trust signal. If you are just starting out, reviews can play an important role in the initial success of your store. A user normally won’t give a review about his experience on the website, yes we can mail them later, but it won’t be as effective as asking review directly on the order success page. There are higher chances of a customer giving an honest review on the order success page as he has already completed the purchase. This also gives a feel to the customers that their voice matters, and having more positive reviews will help you get more sales.

6. Build Trust

Building trust is the best marketing strategy. Trust is the thing which makes your customer come back to your site. If your customers feel that they have purchased a product from the right place, they might come back to purchase again and become your repeated customer. You can even build trust by telling the magical word “Thank You” for their purchase. Provide them ways to come back to your site like newsletter sign up, discount code applicable for the next purchase, or any other way, or you can show trustworthy symbols like secure payment.   

The customers have placed the order with you and reached to the success page itself is a sign of the newly-established bond of trust, but the order success page should compel him to stay in touch with your store and take the trust to a next level. If your customer trusts you, then they will promote your product or service too. 

Above listed points are the ones which have worked for me and my clients, you can be as creative as you want with the order success page to push sales. Make sure that you get your copyright and show the rights things. Let me know in the comments if you have used the success page creatively and how it helped to increase your sales.

Shetul Majithiya , Senior Digital Marketing Executive


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