Creative Last Minute Ideas To Skyrocket Your Black Friday Sales

Posted on 21 November, 2016

The ‘Shop till you drop’ season is back, well it is not exactly Shop till you drop for eCommerce, it is more like ‘Shop till the battery lasts’. The intent to purchase is higher near holiday season compared to normal days, some Consumers even wait till holiday season to make a purchase with an objective to get a good deal. According to a study from NRF, 40% of Consumers spent 50$ more than they originally planned during the 2015 holidays. One in eight shoppers went more than $200 over budget. What this means is that Consumers are in a ‘Shut up and take my money’ phase if they get a good deal. The top factors which tempt a Consumer to spend 50$ more are:

  • A really good sale or Promotion
  • Seeing perfect gift for someone they didn’t plan to buy
  • Finding something really good for themselves
  • Free shipping with no minimum threshold

Another study from NRF states that this year’s overall Holiday sales will be up 3.6% compared to last year. Despite all this statistics, a lot of small and medium eCommerce retailers don’t gear up for Black Friday or if they do, they follow general promotion tactics like Flat discounts and discount coupons which does not get much attention. Most of the eCommerce retailers are busy fulfilling pre-holiday season orders they do not get time to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This piece of content explains creative ideas which an eCommerce retailer can put into action to skyrocket their Black-Friday sales.

1. Promote your product as a gift

Promote your product as a gift and not a product. From the top factors which tempt a Consumer to spend more, the 2nd one is ‘Seeing a perfect gift’ and it affects 34% of the people. Consumers are open to new gifting ideas around holiday seasons, it saves their time searching for gifts if something cool comes up on their Facebook wall. Apart from all other campaigns you have running for Black Friday sale, you can start to promote your product as a gift with the content revolving around how your product would be a perfect gift for someone.

I have put together some ads which got the gifting concept right and promoted their normal products as gifts.

  • Loft

Loft did a great work by preparing a holiday gift guide with clear CTA. Most people have no idea what to gift, Loft took advantage of that by putting together a gift guide with clear headline related to gifts.


If you sell something personalized, this ad will surely boost your conversion rate. used a customer review in their headline which shows how good their products are as a gift. Using social proof in your ad is sure to increase the engagement rates.

Creating these campaigns won’t take much time. Have a perfect picture of your product, write a compelling copy and get started with your Black Friday campaigns within the same day.

2. Include a surprise gift with every purchase

Who doesn’t love surprises? I remember buying a pack of Cheetos just to see what free gift was inside, I was more excited for the gift than the snacks. That was when I was a kid, but I still love Surprises. I still like it when I get surprise gifts. Receiving something extra than what you have paid for will trigger a positive emotion in your mind. It is human nature. When you receive a free gift, that positive emotion triggers and it is associated with the brand. 

As a seller, offering free gifts will not only help you to drive incremental revenue but will also increase the retention rate. There is a study which states that Free Gift with Purchase Drives Increase in Customer Retention, Incremental Sales for Online Retailers. It is not necessary to offer high-value products as a gift, you can offer something small but memorable.

If you are planning to offer surprise gifts on Black Fridays, make sure you include that in your marketing copy. Customers who are holding back their purchase will get tempted seeing the surprise gift and you will be favored compared to your competitors as you are offering something extra.

3. Promote offers via Facebook and Adwords email targeting to your past customers and subscribers

You have heard it again and again that it is easier and cheaper to sell to past customers than finding new customers. You even put it into practice too by mailing them with the black Friday offers. But is that enough? Around the holiday season, a customer gets bombarded with dozens of emails every day offering discounts which they won’t believe. Will they have time to check each and every mail for offers? You know the answer!

Just mailing your customers about your amazing offer won’t help much during the holiday season. You have to take your game a step ahead and start using that email list to promote to those people on facebook, AdWords and any other advertising platform which you are using where targeting past customer is possible. If you run on a limited budget, this method will prove to be the best ROI.

4. Host a giveaway on social media starting from Thanksgiving until cyber Monday.

Giveaway is one of the most used campaign strategies when launching a product. A social media contest or a giveaway is a surefire way to spark up the engagement among your community and build hype around your brand. The nature of Giveaways is such that if it works, it can do wonders and if it doesn’t, it will be just another post on your account. Chances of success of giveaways are really high on holidays as people have more time to spend online and they expect special gifts around that time. 

There are some points which you need to keep in mind while hosting a giveaway; you cannot give away anything, it should be related to your brand/one of your products and it should provide value to the users. Participation in the giveaway should be really simple and it should incentivize a person for sharing it.

5. Personalized message for cart abandoners

As the holidays are special, the emails you send to customers should be special as well. You might have the best email copy setup to send to customers but will they work on holiday season as well? Yes, you might see some recoveries but you might not realize the full potential. Holidays are the time when you need to change your email copy for better engagement and personalization. Don’t believe me? Check your email inbox where you have received 100’s of cliche emails with some awesome content promoting a product. Have you opened them? Or I must ask will you open them? NO! This is because there is promotion everywhere. To engage your audience you need to write some personalized content and make it different from those cliché emails. Spare some time to write and make it special for your customers. Don’t sell directly, ask your customers what problem they faced, talk with them, solve their problem, offer discount and close the sale.

6. Wish your customers on thanksgiving 

I am repeating again, WISH your customers and not sell. Thank your customers for making a purchase in the past and wish them the happiest days ahead. Don’t try to sell anything the copy should contain just the wishes, no promotional code, no products. You can include a link to your website and ask your customers for a reply. If they reply, you can offer them a coupon code as a gesture of thanks. It might also happen that customers really liked your email, clicks on the website and make a purchase. The major benefit of this is that loyalty of customers will increase and they will have a feel that you care for them. When all other companies are trying to be a pushy salesman, you will stand out. It can be a small message, but it will last long.

Well, this Holiday season is all about higher sales. You can employ as many different techniques as you want to increase sales, some will work, some will not. It can be a great learning experience which can broaden your marketing program and give you new insights which can be used forever. Happy Selling.

Shetul Majithiya , Senior Digital Marketing Executive


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