Adwords Scripts for Non-Techies

Posted on 28 May, 2016

Adwords scripts are daunting if you are from a non-tech background and making your way into the world of Pay Per Click Marketing. You already know advantages of Adwords Scripts from thousands of other blogs on the internet and Adwords experts, but let’s face it; you don’t know how to get started. Adwords Scripts is not a kid’s game, even programmers make mistakes and it is even more difficult if you don’t know basics of programming or JavaScript. But not knowing how to use JavaScript should not stop you from becoming a power user of Adwords, if you don’t need scripts now, you will need it in future when you handle hundreds of campaigns and will not have time to keep your eye everywhere.

I was in the same situation till last year; I knew that Adwords scripts can help me but did not know how to use them. I was scared to mess up my accounts, but I was excited about it because I would no longer have to waste my time on silly things that can be automated so I spent time on learning how bits and pieces of scripts work and how can I use them to accomplish my objectives. I found most of the scripts which I can just copy/paste to get the things done but at times, I needed to tweak the script slightly to make it work.

This blog is for all the non-techies like me who want to make most out of their Adwords Account. I have listed everything that I learnt about using Adwords Scripts so that you can make the most out of it even if you are from a non-tech background.

What are Scripts?

Scripts are pieces of standard JavaScript code that automate tedious processes you should no longer be doing manually. Yes, it does your work so that you can focus on more important aspects of adwords and leave all the tedious work to it (How cool is that). I am not going into the details of JavaScript and how does it work because there is plenty of good information available on the Internet, I recommend you to learn its basic terminology once you start using Adwords scripts.

How to use it in Adwords?

  • Navigate to bulk operations sections on your account and click on ‘Create and manage scripts’
  • Click +Script

  • Now, Copy/Paste a pre-written script in the box which opened below.
  • Give your script a name
  • Click ‘Authorize now’ to authorize the script.
  • Click preview to see everything is working fine. (Don’t ever forget this step)

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You can also schedule a script to run on specific time, so that you get up to date report of what changes it is making. It can be done by clicking +Create Schedule and select the time you want the script to run.

Check if there are any bugs or errors found in the script. If everything looks fine, Run the script. Once the script has run, check if it has made changes as desired. 
That’s it.
It was easier than you thought. You are now a power Adwords user (wink)

To get started you can use a very simple script provided by Google

function main() {
  var keywords = AdWordsApp.keywords()
      .orderBy("Impressions DESC")
  Logger.log("10 keywords with most impressions yesterday");
  while (keywords.hasNext()) {
    var keyword =;
    Logger.log(keyword.getText() + ": " +

Follow the steps I have listed above and run this script, you will be able to see 10 keywords with most impressions, you can also change the date range from ‘Yesterday’ to  ‘THIS_MONTH’ or ‘THIS_WEEK’. You can also change the number of keyword from .withLimit(10)to 20. Also find keywords with minimum impressions by changing DESC in .orderBy to ASC. 

It was easier than you thought, by knowing some of the basic details you can make Adwords scripts work for you. There are many scripts out there made by experts which you can copy/paste and tweak a little to make it work for you. 

Some of the scripts you should definitely give a try are:

These scripts are easy to implement and very handy. You can start using these scripts first and then move on to other advanced scripts. Automating your account with scripts can save you a lot of time and money. Scripts are powerful , don’t forget to check that your scripts are running regularly in the way you want them to. Scripts are fun and helpful, explore them, experiment with them, share your learning and do comment how your experience was using Adwords script for the first time and how it has helped you.

Shetul Majithiya , Senior Digital Marketing Executive


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