Advert Giants for eCommerce: Google Ads or Facebook Ads

Posted on 2 April, 2018

Want to buy, want to know, want to go and want to talk - all with a click. It has all come to a point where everything gets done just by a click. And so is advertising. A click is potent enough to bring in millions of dollars and drive all the targeted audience by putting minimum efforts. 

In an era where the world is inclined and dependent on the internet for everything, advertising online becomes mandatory for eCommerce businesses. When sales are the primary aim and businesses do not want to leave any stone unturned. 

For eCommerce, in order to build a persona, businesses need to be where their customers are and most customers are on the internet. Advertising platforms are what bridges the gap in reaching customers. 

Coming to advertising for online websites, PPC has been proved to be the best way of advertising and has so far grown at a noticeable rate since the beginning. And PPC advertising leads us to think of the two unconquerable mammoths: Google AdWords and Facebook ads.


On a platform where there are 40000 search queries processed every second, advertising has an enormous scope. Google is what the majority of people prefer to search for anything they want. So advertising on that platform can be most beneficial for any online business. 

Google AdWords, being one of the platforms for advertising, became so eminent that the advertisers on this platform have increased from hundreds to billions.

There are 1.2 billion advertisers on Google Adwords, definitely for a reason. This platform provides the advertisers which cover the areas helpful in building the persona of the desired audience.  

AdWords is based on the keywords basically and these keywords are what ranks your site on the internet. These are the words which audience types and searches for in google so these keywords are to be framed in a manner that meets the requirements of the audience. 

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords. So, if you are an eCommerce business owner and you wonder which advertising platform should you choose, the answer is right here. 

These reasons are why AdWords has made it to the list of platforms for PPC advertising. 

Device Adjustments
Google never fails to care for its users. It considers each and every user and defines its functionalities accordingly. 

As eCommerce businesses depend mainly on digital marketing, their ads need to be apt and optimized in a manner that they appear properly on any. 

Adwords has an option which allows the advertisers to set bids separately for different ads on different devices all at once. If an ad performs well on one device but not on the other, then the advertiser can alter the ad accordingly

This feature is a piece of cake for the advertiser as they can advertise ads on devices and expect the maximum return from the amount they spend on advertising

Demographic Targeting 
Google AdWords provides a feature which allows the advertiser to set various demographics so that advertisers can target the exact group of people for whom the advertise is framed. 

This feature is useful to narrow down your target to the point where you can reach your potential customers and they can be targeted on the basis of their age, gender, and household income. 

As for eCommerce business, demographic targeting enables targeting accurate audience and show ads to the people who seem to be potential buyers. These demographics maximize the chance of your ad being viewed by a certain group of people who would prefer to look at your website through the ads. 

Remarketing is a feature of AdWords where AdWords displays the ads to a group of people who have earlier visited the website. This feature reminds the visitors of the site and might influence their buying intent. 

Remarketing is especially beneficial to eCommerce websites who have a wide range of products online for their customers. This feature enables the advertiser to define the audiences on the basis of their likes and interests or the pages they visited earlier. 

With the help of this information, a custom-fit message can be sent to them to attract them and drive them back to your website. Additionally, some coupons and offers would make a great deal and these will surely make the audience want to return to your website and look for it.

Ad Extensions
Extensions are something that adds to the existing. That’s what google ad extensions exactly are. Ad extension reinforces the text ads on the search page, enhancing the visibility of your ads. 

Ad extensions enable you to add the details of your business like location, phone number, site links, apps, reviews, customer ratings, seller ratings, etc in order to ease the shopping for customers.

For an eCommerce marketer, these extensions help them boost their ads and build the customer network because they can lead the customers to their website or make them contact them through calls. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook, an aficionado of social media, where users have multiplied like never before, has turned into a platform which advertisers have started marketing on. Its where ads will perform well without a doubt and reach the desired audience every time they log in to their facebook account

The targeting options on Facebook, being so specific, play a major role in helping the businesses improve their visibility. So, eCommerce businesses can structure the target audience aptly and let the ads do the magic

Behaviour And Interest Targeting
Facebook has been very specific about behavior and interest targeting. Building an audience considering their interests and behavior in detail and not missing a single area of their interest is what gets facebook a bonus point.

Facebook ads, being so specific, plays a major role in creating ads in a manner that never fails to catch the attention of the users. Facebook takes into consideration the key points like pages users visited earlier, usage of a device, purchase behavior through the pages they like, the information they share, ads they click, etc.

These data are used to target the audience accurately and helps in framing the ads which involve the interests and behavior of the users.

Demographic Targeting
Demographic targeting is something that helps you target a specific audience to whom you would want to show your ads to. It includes location, age, gender and certain other demographics which play a role in displaying the ads. 

Facebook Demographics has a wide range of options to consider while setting the demographics and these demographics help you decide the type of ads that the target audience would like and need.


Types Of Ads
The agenda of each and every ad on Facebook is different and there are various factors which render the decision. The types of ads on facebook cover all the necessary aspects and hence enhance the effectiveness of the ads by showing it to the right audience. 

Lead Ads
Lead ads on Facebook have worked like a charm. These ads generate the lead by collecting the information from the customers interested in your products or your website. 

The questions in the lead form must be enough to collect the required information but not too many that it makes the customer neglect your form.

The data acquired through lead ads become important information because the advertisers can then always target those customers, grabbing the chance to convert the visits into sales

Also, when you collect data from customers via lead ads, it becomes necessary that you assure them of privacy policies and gain their trust. 

Dynamic Product Ads
Dynamic product ads are a type of remarketing ads which are based on the cookies stored in the browser. So, these ads need not be configured individually and hence they save time. 

The owner just needs to set the campaign and enable it for once and all and the ads reach to the right audience at right time. Also, as these ads are displayed in accordance with the searches, other relevant products are also displayed to the apt audience

These ads are not device specific and they can be set up for all the devices so it becomes easy for the brand to reach people everywhere. 

Video Ads
Videos have been proved to be the most effective medium of advertising as video ads are the most influential medium of advertising. Video ads cover maximum content in minimum time. 

Video ads have pervaded on every social media website and surprisingly, they are responsible for driving maximum traffic and conversions. 

According to HubSpot, including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. 

Facebook facilitates businesses with different types of video ads. 

The feed ads permit the businesses to enable videos on the newsfeed as a post on facebook. These ads can be customized considering the goals or target audience or app installs. These ads appear on Facebook feeds of the targeted audience so these ads have higher visibility.

Instream video ads on facebook do not fail to grab the attention of the watchers as they are in their leisure mode and viewers do not really have an option of skipping these ads. So, these ads will always make a difference and are helpful in reaching the targeted audience. 

Suggested ads on Facebook are something that boosts the visibility on Facebook and covers a vast audience. 

Also, the number of people watching video ads online is accelerating and almost each and every business is displaying video ads on Facebook so going for video ads becomes a necessity or you will be left behind

Messenger Ads
Messenger has turned to be the most used app for chatting and there are 2 billion people using messenger for interacting on Facebook. Messenger has advanced to become a platform where more of eCommerce engagement has increased.

Messenger ads have caught the users’ eye and have driven good traffic and app installs. When it comes to ads, people have developed ad blindness and they tend to overlook those.

As messenger is a platform preferred by the users to interact, people tend to look at the ads and also click. There are 56% of people who prefer the message to call for customer services and 53% of people shop for a business they can chat directly.

Instagram Ads
Usually, people are always on the go with their phones and in this fast-paced world, seeing video ads and image ads are the ones which appeal well.  

Facebook is now turning into a thing of past and people have started switching from Facebook to Instagram. Instagram, a platform with 500 million active users daily has turned into a hub of opportunities.

The ads on Instagram are of the same format and size making it look like a normal post. All they need is a quirky caption and an apt image to make it work. 

The video ads on Instagram are also doing wonders as the videos are limited to one minute making it as precise and accurate as possible. These ads have turned so effective that there is an 80% increase in the time spent in watching videos.

On a platform where there are just image ads and video ads available, it extends the boundaries of people viewing it as most of the people prefer visuals to text ads. 

360 Degree Ads
360-degree ads are the ultimate ads Facebook is trying. These ads are what few of the top companies have started testing and the view the ads give is completely different.

360-degree ads, if successful will be an epitome of creative marketing extending the boundaries of marketing. 

If you own an eCommerce business, then Adwords and Facebook are where your ads will help you big time and if you miss on these platforms, you’ll certainly miss a lot.

Rajal Barbhaya , Content Marketer


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