6 traits of highly successful salesperson

Posted on 10 June, 2020

Salespeople: The human beings who are expected to be a power-pack of soft skills; they need to be confident, networker, resilient, multi-tasker, curious, adaptable, ambitious, friendly, understanding... and what not! There is a never-ending list of the skills for this category of people. They are the foremost important link between the client and the company.

So dear salespeople, you can try to push an edge in your personality that makes you one step higher to what you are right now. Below is the list of some key traits, over and above the definition of 'skills', which can enhance the vision of a sales team member:

1. Developing relation is the base

Trust has always been one of the main factors in converting customers, as it makes the customer feel being understood and assures that you intend to solve their problem, not only sell your product.
Whatever product or solution you may sell, there is a psychological effect in creating empathy towards customers' concerns which actually starts making the customer believe that it is your product that can fulfill his needs efficiently, and that is why you are selling it to him.

The key here is to act as if you are consulting them with something, not directly selling your product.

2. Listen to understand first, then pitch

Listening as a skill? Yes, in professional terms, listening is an important skill. We talk, we listen in our daily life. But when your role is to derive information from a conversation, active listening will help you interpret the correct and unbiased expectations, instructions, procedures.
A salesperson needs to develop a tendency to listen more and speak less, especially in the initial stage of the proposal where you are trying to get deep into the requirements to find out their exact need.

Asking relevant questions is such another skill, but it needs to be asked without creating interruption to the speaker. Questions instantly hit our minds, so it is better to note it down and ask when the speaker ends the ongoing explanation.

This allows you to understand the situation thoroughly and pitch only when you are sure what solution can solve his problem.

3. Know what you sell!

It is extremely important to deeply understand your industry, your competitors, the solutions you are selling, and some generic needs of your clients. This learning process should never end because this can lead you to come up with new improvements in your products and you can help make the product more relevant to client’s needs.

Also, be coachable to learn new things that can upskill you, not only from coaching courses but from the real-life observations and cases that happen with your team in daily business life.

4. Persistence to handle the exceptions

In your life, you may have faced something happen you have never thought of. The same is in business. Everything does not go the straight way as planned. The oddity is supposed to happen, it is just that you do not know how and when it will happen.
In cases of unexpected outcomes and failures, taking an analysis of what has led you to that situation is what you can do to avoid it in the future. Persistence is what helps you to accept the facts, and keep you focused on it and the next activities.

Patience and unbiased dedication are required to handle the challenging case, and the new customers as well without the past case affecting your conduct.

5. Detail-oriented eye

If you keep listening and observing your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talking.

An observant mind makes you analyze the topic from all aspects and derive results on your own from the daily dealing with clients, the day-to-day challenges, and from case studies. Minor observations can prevent big issues in the long run, if executed methodically. It can be used for finding out new spaces for the company's development, for checking on the operational process of the project and team members working in it, and for such other overall business aspects.

6. A team collaborator

Sales and marketing team members are the ones who will be having all kind of people to deal within a team, be it technical developers, support managers, leaders, technical team lead, project manager, product manager, UI/UX designers, graphics designer, customer success manager, etc, all of whom will be having different expertise in their area.

You will be the link to your teammates to explain them the requirements, implementation plan, procedures and expectations of the customer. Depending on how you interpret such aspects of the project, it shapes collaboration, flexibility and openness in developing the project. You have the utmost responsibility of keeping everyone on the same page and be sure everyone is aligned in accomplishing the work in the right manner.

These traits cannot be cultivated in a day, but there is not a single day when you can miss learning anything!

The sale is a process in itself, a process that needs focus on customers, involvement with colleagues, and coordinate different people's capabilities and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction.
Begin the process of building strong habits, so that such traits become your natural way of handling anything.

Bhavika Khetani , Business Development Executive


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