6 Powerful Ways to Retain Customer Loyalty

Posted on 6 February, 2019

Do you know that to sell new customer acquires 5 times efforts than to sell existing customer? As per the surveys, 40% of your revenue comes from your existing customers. Imagine that you have your own eCommerce store and customer are everything in the eCommerce business. Now, for getting more profit you have to engage more with customers and build such level of trust to customers. Whenever you want to buy something online, firstly you will research about that product from several stores then you will buy that product. So, the customer will take a decision of purchase based on how they get trust from your site. 

In the current competition of eCommerce store in the market, customers have fear of fraud So, they don’t trust your store easily. Now, your task is to make your customer loyal. As being in the e-commerce business, you have to know how many ways are there to reach your customer, how you show your presence to the customer, etc. Increasing the engagement to customers is the first step to increase conversions. Below listed points will help you to know how you can make your customers loyal. This is not an easy task, it’s challenging but not impossible. 

Don’t Sell Your Product, Help Customers Buy Your Product

Help them instead of pushing them to buy your product. Dealing with customer one to one is key to win your customers heart. Show them that your product is exactly what they are looking for. Showing benefits of the product is more favorable than showing features because customer always buys the product that helps to fulfill their need. Give them the reasons to buy your product and that will help you to sell more. This thing will help a customer to buy your product. Make sure to offer your customers something that will encourage them to pick your brand over other brands, through points, discounts, or other treats. 

Your content is a powerful way to convince the customer about your uniqueness. If you just show a product to your customer maybe this not make impression on customers mind. But if you help them to know that you are selling exactly they want. Make your product description clear, to the point and in simple language so that your customer gets an exact idea about your product. 

Sell while Making Them Feel That You Care

Selling product is not the only goal but making long term relationship also a part of a successful strategy. Before serving your customer, first meet their basic needs because once you know what they exactly looking for, you can serve them better. Make them feel that you are there for any support. Show your customer that by purchasing your product how they get benefits. Show the points which attract them emotionally.

 “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” 

-  Business Author Michael LeBoeuf

Encourage your customer to take actions on your site by sending them personalized emails on their special days like birthday, anniversaries, festivals, etc. This way your customers feel that they are important to you and you are not selling your product or services only for the sake of selling. This type of concern for customers will establish a long time relationship with your customers. You can even Tell your customer that what should they do next on your site. 

Monitor Your Customer Behavior

By monitoring your customer's behavior will help you to optimize your sales. Web analytics tools will help you to know customers actions on your site. Through this analysis, you can frame your target audience for a particular product and strategize accordingly. For an eCommerce business, analyzing customer behavior is important because you cannot deal with your customer physically. So, you have to rely on the data to know your customers better.   

With the help of analytics, you can determine the geographical location of your visitors, their devices, traffic source, time spent on your website, etc. It will help you to know that during which particular time is the traffic and sales maximum on your store. You can keep a track of visitors on your store during some contest or discounts and how they react on it. Such data helps you to know your customer better and eventually guide you to act aptly to retain them.

Create Useful Content

For the content Marketing, it is well accepted that Content is a King. Importance of content has increased over time and it’s the heart of your digital marketing strategy. If you feed your customer with efficient and useful content then it is possible that they get impressed with it and look forward to more of it. Influential content with qualitative language is also something that can help to grab your audience’s attention and bring them to your website.

You have to frame your content in such a way that they feel that you are answering their question or problems. Great content not only helps you to establish relations with your customer but it also helps to improve conversions. There are many ways to release your content like in the form of infographics, blogs, articles, videos, etc. You can add catchy taglines as well as CTA’s in order to incite action in the customers. Content marketing is not a one night process, it takes time to increase your traffic and brand. 

Provide Equal Shopping Experience in Mobile & Desktop

By the end of 2020, 45% of e-commerce revenue will be coming from mobile-commerce as per business insiders. 

In the current scenario, the number of mobile users is increasing day by day. As per some reports, most of the traffic comes from the mobile devices but the conversion happens from the desktop. This conveys that although visitors buy the products from the desktop, they research for a product from mobile. So, it’s important that the customers get a good shopping experience on mobile as well as desktop. 

Statistics show that 40% of visitors move to other sites if they don’t get a good mobile experience. Because mobile has become a go-to device for shopping or getting information or making payments, it is important that you do not miss on optimizing your mobile website. Consider factors like loading speed optimization, instinctive navigation, one step checkouts,  Failing to provide mobile-friendly shopping experience might prove adverse for your eCommerce store. 

Provide Excellent Customer Service

It is important to gain customers trust by providing excellent Customer Service. If you want that your customer comes to your site intermittently then you have to actively deal with their queries. 70% customers say that they remain loyal to any brand because of their good customer service. Through your customer service, you will keep them coming back and it’s a sign of reliability of your company. 

The feeling of being treated nicely makes your customers loyal. If they come to you with a complaint, answer them well because, from their complaint, you get to know the kind of problems customers face and the scope of improvement on your store. By providing good customer service, they feel that you care for them.


Business always runs from the Customers and loyal customers are key to online growth. So, you must make your customer loyal to survive in this competitive world. I noted above all points with my observations and through this, you will know how loyal customers affect the business. I would like to reply to your comment. I hope these points will help you.

Hiral Ghelani , Assistant Digital Marketing Executive


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