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To withstand in this competitive market of eCommerce, your website must be well-furnished from front-end as well as from back-end. To achieve high revenue, high conversion rates, increasing sales and expanding business growth, you need to have a website with some extra-ordinary functionalities & that too containing attractive designs. Emipro comprises of highly expert people in Magento, who are ready to work with you on your project with full dedication.

Why Emipro

Get relief from your Magento related worries by our Magento experts


Wide Range of Technical Skills


100% Guranteed Solution

Source Code

5 days/week , 8 hours/day

Quick Response

Quality Business Solutions

Result Driven Work

Regular Effective Communication

You have to be unique + different and shine in your own way!!

We are walking on this approach. Through excellent & result driven work so far, Emipro has been able to achieve a sustainable position in the Magento market. We are having Magento Certified Solution Specialist possessing more than 4 years of experience in the eCommerce domain specialized in Magento framework. We believe our key values of integrity, simplicity yet creativity, on­target project completion and customer satisfaction differentiate us from the rest. Our customers often describe us as the 'nuts and bolts eminents'. We don't wear ornaments of vanity or false promises, nor do we bore you silly by our 'techno jargons' or fancy PowerPoint slides. We are simple yet hardworking people who have been always keen to provide the best outcome to gain customer satisfaction. Our eagerness is not only limited upto developing project, but has been expanded for preparing videos, tutorials, blogs, providing rapid client support and project maintenance service.

A dedicated Magento developer can do for you:

Can Assist on Complex configurations

Functional Training as and when required

Modify business reports

Training Videos

Define implementation plans

Customisation on any existing certified modules of Magento

Custom module development for new features

Provide support to your staff on their routine problems

Ensure server performance optimisations

eCommerce website speed improvements

Migrate and upgrade current modules to newer versions.

Keep eyes on new updates from Magento

Implement suitable updates to current database

Hiring Plans

Choose the best plan according your need

40 Hrs

  • Hire for a week
  • 100% Payment in Advance
  • Portal access
  • Daily work summary report
  • 80 Hrs

  • Hire biweekly
  • 100% Payment in Advance
  • Portal access
  • Weekly work summary report
  • 160 Hrs

  • Hire for a month
  • 100% Payment in Advance
  • Portal access
  • Monthly work summary report
  • Hiring Process

    Easy, quick & adaptive

    Our Offerings

    • Feasibility Analysis till Complete Implementation.
    • 40 Hrs. availability throughout in a week.
    • Track your project & performance of our team via our portal access.
    • Get daily, weekly and monthly work monitoring reports from our system on regular basis.
    • Task & issues separate management in which we will try to add less issues and more tasks so you can have effective hours on your project.
    • Guidance from our top project managers having more than 5 years of vast experience of working on Magento.
    • No overhead Cost.
    • No separate infrastructure required.
    • On demand communication via Skype & Email.
    • Transparent Communication.
    • 100% Satisfaction.
    • A dedicated Magento developer with at least more than 1 year of experience in Magento.
    • Data protection gurrenty.
    • Ensure highest & quality coding standards in back-end custom module development
    • Adherence to deadlines

    They need it, we have it

    Popular questions

    Is it possible to hire a developer for limited hours in a week? Lets say, 20hrs/week.

    Sorry, our plan starts from 40hrs/week minimum. So in case of less than 40hrs, you can check our support contract having more validity that will be effective for you.

    How much experienced my dedicated developer would be?

    Our dedicated developer will be atleast 1 year experienced.

    If I am having any problem about expertization or quality in work with my assigned developer then?

    Although it is not likely to happen, but if such case arises, you can contact our service manager. He will try to sort out your problem with an effective solution. In case of major problems,Top Management can also intervene. It is also possible to change your developer if required.

    Can you give me an idea about how many hours per week would your Odoo developer work for me?

    Emipro developers will work 8 hours daily from 10am to 7pm excluding weekends, completing 40 hours a week. However, our developers can work round the clock till the problem is sorted out in case of some emergency or deadlines.

    How do I interact with my dedicated developer ?

    Our dedicated developers are available throughout working hours for communication and follow up, yet we recommend our clients to fix certain hours for daily discussion keeping the timezone differences in mind. Skype chat is preferred mode. You can always keep in touch through emails or even you can have telephonic discussion during office hours.

    Will your dedicated developers sign a non-disclosure agreement?

    Yes, all security requirements of our clients are topmost priority for us. Once selected by the client, all the professionals are contractually bound to protect customer confidentiality. They sign a non-disclosure agreement, which will render huge fines if not complied with.

    Will I owe my intellectual property which is developed by the professional?

    A dedicated developer is contractually bound to forgo intellectual property rights and assign or transfer the ownership of all intellectual property to the client. We assure you that only you can benefit from your investments.

    Will Emipro sign an NDA?

    Though we are committed to protect your confidentiality, we are open to it.

    Will you provide security to my source code and commercial secrets?

    We provide secure development environment with firewall, password and encryption protection to our developers. Unauthorized access to any sensitive data and commercial secrets is virtually impossible.

    By which payment method Emipro would like to get paid?

    We accept payments through Bank Wire Transfers and PayPal. For more details of our bank account , please visit following link.

    Oh yes, should I need to pay for the holidays,vacation or sick leave too?

    Developers are entitled to be allotted company & national holidays. For more details, please Contact Us for holiday policy.

    Is there any possibility that Emipro can set up an exclusive development team too for us at Emipro ?

    Generally dedicated development contracts are for approximately 3 months or so, but if you expect steady work-flow for a longer duration using consistent programming languages and operating systems, then you can opt for an exclusive development team working for you at Emipro.

    Are Emipro services resalable?

    You are having freedom on the services provided by our dedicated developer. It is your sole property and you can resell them.

    What will happen to my project if your developer falls sick or certainly quits your organization?

    Most probably this doesn’t happen as we share a strong bonding. But in such exceptional case we provide you with a replacement as early as possible, ensuring that your work doesn’t suffer.

    Will the developer whom I hire, work for project other than mine?

    Certainly not! We provide you full guarantee that your hired developer will be fully dedicated to your project.

    Will a dedicated developer available at the time of urgent works?

    Yes, in case of urgency, we are available . In such circumstances you can even add more resources if required.

    If in a case of lack of resources or expertise, are you outsourcing my work to third party company ?

    Certainly not! We ourselves have sufficient resources to accomplish your work.

    How long will it take for Emipro to start my project work?

    As soon as you give us the details of your project requirements, your budget constraints and the period of hiring, we will start working on your project.

    What is the differnence between Emipro developer and the rests ?

    Can we make any comparison between better and best? Our emipro developers will provide you the best possible services to you. Now you need to decide whether you want to compromise with your work or you want the best one! Yet we have already mentioned some of the features of our dedicated developers above in the page.

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