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SETU Project/Idea Presentation Competition

Thrill us with your best idea/project and win the exciting prizes with Emipro certificate.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

- Steve Jobs

The next big thing may come from you. If you don't innovate, you don't survive. The objective behind this competition is to uncover the young innovators and reward their innovations. We don't expect a basic library or hotel management project here, we expect to see some original and innovative idea which can be the next game changing thing. Do you have what it takes?

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Competition Rules

  • Only one submission is allowed per candidate. You can not upload your presentation file again once you submitted your entry.
  • For the status of your project submission, we will update you on your registered email or you can check status on this page.
  • Your timings for presentation will be declared either on place or by email. A candidate must need to be ready for presentation during their provided timings.
  • Candidate is requested to be present with their personal laptop to show their presentation.
  • Only 10 selected & approved ideas/projects from all the submissions will be allowed to present their project during SETU.
  • 20 Minutes max will be given to each candidate to present their Idea/Project.
  • Candidate must need to explain their presentation in English language.
  • Only one person will be allowed to explain the presentation.
  • Candidate must need to submit their Idea/Project to our website prior to 15 days of this event. ( More instructions will be available to our website or on our facebook page.)
  • Team of 3 people will examine the idea/project. 1 external, 2 from Emipro.
  • It may not necessary to declare all 3 winners. Based on potential of the project/idea we may declare 3, 2,1 or there may be no winner at all. It’s all depends on your idea/project’s potential and decision of our judges. Final decision will be dependent on judges. Candidate have to accept final decision of judges.
  • Certificate for every winner of this competition, will be couriered to their college/institutes within a week or two, after the completion of program. Attendees need to collect it from their respective institute.

Feel free to call us at +91-9537952122 for any query

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Each winner will get specific certificate for this competition

Our Judgement Criteria

Our judges will rate your presentation based on following criterias :

  • Adaptability by end users and ease of understanding?
  • Clearly defined target audience.
  • Innovations in end user experience.
  • Innovation of idea and concept.
  • Clearly defined requirement, problem or an opportunity and solution to the same.
  • Ease of understanding of features and functionality of the project.

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