Magento 2 sample extension for beginners.

Posted on 18 February, 2017

Download Magento 2 sample extension for functional reference by clicking below and paste it into Magento 2 root folder.

Extension Covers Below Functionalities: 

  1. Add Link On frontend Top Menu.
  2. Database setup and upgrade.
  3. Add / Edit / Update Records.
  4. Check Customer Login or not.
  5. Use of Event Observer.
  6. Use of magento default pagination in data listing page.
  7. Add Custom tab on customer account section.
  8. Ajax Search Functionality Using requirejs
  9. Use of .html template with knockout js.
  10. Load Block html using controller, ajax and requirejs.
  11. Use of referer variable for url redirect after customer login.
  12. Use of tohtml and load block from controller for ajax request html output.
  13. Ajax base load data after page load using Ajax / Requirejs / .html Template / knockoutjs.
  14. Check Customer Login or not using Ajax / Requirejs / knockoutjs.
  15. Add Menu on backend.

  16. Display Grid with filter on backend.

  17. Multiple Record states change from admin grid.

  18. Multiple and single record delete from admin.

  19. Add New record from admin.

  20. Edit record from admin.

Mayank Zalavadia , eCommerce Project Manager
Magento Technical Notes

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