Interview Etiquette: Make your big interview as simple as your conversation(Part-II)

Imagine it’s the day for your interview!!Feeling Nervous?! Well, Don’t be! Sit back and relax because you are going to encounter the hacks in the blog to make your interview day the perfect one! [...]

By Kosha Desai | 17 April, 2017 | SETU

Social Media and SEO HACKS to Start and Monetize your blog

Struggling to attract traffic on your blog? This article will help you unleash creative SEO and Social Media Growth Hacks you can use to start and monetize your blog. [...]

By Shetul Majithiya | 15 April, 2017 | SETU

Role of Customer Support Executive in an IT Company

A customer executive is the one in the company who works as a “Setu”- a bridge between the client and the developer. They are the first to get in touch with the clients and plays very important role in making sure that the parent company is delivering highest to their client. If one is having good h [...]

By Manoj Gotecha | 10 April, 2017 | SETU

Developing software as per customer's needs: A Software Developer's Perspective

If I say we have to develop a software as needed by the customer then I think each and every reader will surely agree, but very few of us will genuinely follow it. We usually fulfill the basic need of the customer but we never think from their aspect and thus with the passage of time our customer fe [...]

By Vishal Kapuriya | 8 April, 2017 | SETU

Interview Etiquette: Make your big interview as simple as your conversation(Part-I)

With a span of experience I have thought to craft few hacks which can help you to make your big Interview day as simple as your routine conversation. To make the work even easier I divided hacks into three parts, detailed explanation and examples of the same are listed in this blog. [...]

By Kosha Desai | 4 April, 2017 | SETU

A Checklist for Shifting from College to Corporate

The transition from College to Corporate is exciting as well as challenging. Many graduates struggle to adapt into Corporate environment due to different expectations & responsibilities than in College. In this blog, get to know some powerful tips to make your transition from College to Corporate as [...]

By Arpit Sheth | 3 April, 2017 | SETU

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