Make Your Website go Live!

Imagine you get an assignment to make a Website. You researched, you made efforts and finally you are done with crafting your own Website. You are smiling and celebrating your piece of creativity and suddenly you realise that this is visible in your computer only and not on the world’s computer aka [...]

By Dilip Jivani | 26 December, 2016 | SETU

A brief Note about Application Programming Interface

It is a set of a program which helps different applications to communicate with each other which can allow the access to some features of other application”. In computer language, it is described as a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software. [...]

By Dipesh Tanna | 26 December, 2016 | SETU

The Do's & Don'ts of Corporate Communication

Since our childhood we are encountering the term “Communication” and the importance of it gets doubled when we enter into the world of Corporate. It is not only the words that we speak or we write somewhere which is considered to be a communication, even your dressing, your standing posture and your [...]

By Hardik Patadia | 24 December, 2016 | SETU

How to use Google Search console and Google Analytics?

You are a young enthusiastic IT student and have successfully created a new website. Congratulations! So the next important question, What next? Have you ever wondered what should be done to grow your website so that more and more people visit it? To find an answer to this question you have come to [...]

By Shetul Majithiya | 24 December, 2016 | SETU

HTML+CSS+JAVASCRIPT = A perfect web development

While having our focus on Backend languages, somehow during our academical phase we forget about the most essential and crucial fundamental of frontend support- HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT which are actually something which has no other option and thus we have to use it anyhow to run our web page. Thes [...]

By Dilip Jivani | 22 December, 2016 | SETU

Ensure Quality and Functionality of a Software as an effective Tester

If you have an eagle eye to find a bug and have a spectacular mind to fix it then Software tester is your best-suited career option! As a software tester, you are engaged in quality assurance of the software development and deployment. This can be conducted manually as well as in automated test form [...]

By Dipesh Tanna | 17 December, 2016 | SETU

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