Inventory Management & ERP, a love-hate relationship

Going back to past, in a large organization, things were often supposed to go out of the control for inventory management. As we know, on daily baises, it's supposed to have numerous transaction related to inventory, whether raw material transferred to production location, or consignment shipped to [...]

By Kunal Pathak | 10 November, 2016 | Odoo Blog | 0 Comment(s)

Reporting - An unsung key element of almost every domain

A person always go through dilemma when he/she has to take any decision. They keep soliloquy until they come to final point, or in most case, can never come to any point! This is really tough and tense situation to be in it, specially when you have to make any decision on the behalf of lot of other [...]

By Kunal Pathak | 29 July, 2016 | Odoo Blog | 0 Comment(s)

Hot Potato Principle! It is worth to try in your organisation

For any organisation, it is very much required thing that whatever they are supposed to do, has to done in given time frame. But when stuff goes through hierarchy of different responsible persons, or departments, chances are quite high that it could miss the bus ! So it is very much important for hi [...]

By Kunal Pathak | 21 July, 2016 | Odoo Blog | 0 Comment(s)

Cash Flow - Things to know about it

"Cash", when we hear this term, our "Flow" of thinking always goes into one direction of related topic being discussed on that point of time! It is fact that we all are now moving into such age, where virtual money is taking place of actual money! And even more, Bitcoin has become a reality now, and [...]

By Kunal Pathak | 22 June, 2016 | Odoo Blog | 0 Comment(s)

A B C of Activity based costing in Odoo

Costing is one of the most familiar term in Accounting, you can certainly think of that Activity Based Costing is an extended version of it! As we all know that revenue and costing are equally important for any business, because based on those figures company can view its current situation and predi [...]

By Kunal Pathak | 20 June, 2016 | Odoo Blog | 0 Comment(s)

Why Should you integrate your Amazon Seller central account with Odoo?

If you are a seller on the Amazon, and having seller central account at there, you will have access of its backend operations. At there you can publish your product, update the inventory, see the payment reports and much more things. Still, do you ever think to integrate your Amazon Seller central a [...]

By Hiren Vora | 30 May, 2016 | Odoo Blog | 1 Comment(s)

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