How Digital Marketing Can Help a Business Grow?

Digital marketing helps your business make use of techniques and strategy that will not only attract more traffic to your business but quality traffic which will engage and convert more. [...]

By Shetul Majithiya | 27 June, 2017 | Biznote

eCommerce Order Success Page – Secret Weapon for Repeat Sales

Order success page is a golden opportunity to make a first time customer to a lifelong customer. Check out 5 ways you can generate repeat customers with Order success page [...]

By Shetul Majithiya | 30 May, 2017 | Biznote

Start and grow your Amazon business - Interview with an Amazon veteran

When it comes to selling online, everyone wants to grab a piece of pie from Amazon. Selling on Amazon can be overwhelming if you are just getting started. I have had the opportunity to interview one of our clients who is making it big on Amazon and handling 1500+ orders a day. He requested to be an [...]

By Shetul Majithiya | 6 February, 2017 | Biznote

The ultimate guide to using data for eCommerce business

The ultimate guide to using data for eCommerce business is written to shed some light on practical ways of using various data analytics methods to help grow an eCommerce business. [...]

By Arpit Sheth | 5 January, 2017 | Biznote

4 Unusual Ecommerce Growth Hacks to Kick Start 2017

Growth hacking is a fancy term which exploded in last five years among marketers, SAAS companies, and Tech Entrepreneurs. While the word Growth Hacking may seem fancy, it is a simple concept. It is the notion that every strategy, actions, ideas that you develop and implement for your business revolv [...]

By Shetul Majithiya | 4 January, 2017 | Biznote

Facebook F8 Conference - What does it mean for marketers?

Facebook’s annual conference F8 may be aimed at developers but it is when the company announces its biggest products for the year and the growth strategies for the future. A social media marketer must keep a close watch on the updates given by Facebook to leverage its advantage at the earliest. This [...]

By Shetul Majithiya | 31 December, 2016 | Biznote

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